Mounting it to the frame

  1. Place the feeder onto the frame.

    Note: If your Ultimaker doesn’t have the second feeder slot on the frame, print this part and attach it to the frame with two M3x30 bolts.

  2. Take the bowden tubes and place the ends with the blue tape into the feeder quick fit coupling. Make sure you place the bowden tube coming from the front side of the print head in the old feeder.
  3. Connect the white connectors of the temperature cables to the thermocouple transmitters on top of the print head. The one with the yellow, red and black wire must be placed in the front one; the green-orange-brown connector goes into the board at the back side.
  4. Connect the fan to the connector with the blue-purple wires of the print head cable.
  5. Take the print head cables and line them up with the bowden tube. Wrap the spiral sleeve around the print head cables, bowden tube and, when you reach the feeder, the feeder motor wires.
  6. Insert the spiral sleeve through the hole in the back panel below the feeder and guide all wires through the back right cable duct and hole in the bottom panel.

Placing the feeder onto the frame
Bowden tube
Inserting the bowden tube

Temperature cables connected to the transmitters
Fan connection
Connecting the fan

Bowden tube
Attaching the spiral wrapping
Bowden tube
Guiding the cables through the cable duct