Caution: When handling electronics make sure that you are not statically charged. This can permanently damage your electronics. Touch bare metal before continuing with the following steps.

  1. Place the Ultimaker on its left side and remove the electronics cover.
  2. Take the new stepper driver and place it on the main board, next to the stepper driver of extruder 1.

    Note: Mind the orientation of the stepper driver. Make sure the potmeter on the stepper driver is pointing upwards. Placing the stepper driver in the wrong way can lead to damage of the stepper driver.

  3. Take the plug from the new feeder motor and connect it to E2-motor.
  4. Place the heater cartridge cables in the green screw terminals, heater 1 and heater 2, by using a flat screwdriver. The one you labeled during disassembly is from the old hot end and must be placed in heater one; the other heater cartridge goes in heater 2.
  5. Take the wooden electronics cover and make a small cutout in the fanduct, so that the new stepper driver will fit when the cover is placed on top.
  6. Place the electronics cover over the four bolts on the main board and slide sideways until the bolts fit in the narrow part of the holes.

You have now completed the installation of the dual extrusion kit. Continue with the next steps to correctly calibrate it and start printing.

Placing the stepper driver (mind the orientation)
Connecting the feeder motor to E2

Connecting the heater cartridges
Electronics cover
Adjusting the fan duct of the electronics cover

The bottom of the Ultimaker should now look like this