Setting up Cura

The last step of the calibration will be setting up Cura and defining the X/Y offset. The X/Y offset is the exact distance in the X and Y direction between the two hot ends.

  1. Start Cura and make sure the Ultimaker Original is selected in the Machine menu.
  2. Go to Machine > Machine settings and set the Extruder count to 2 and click Ok to confirm.
  3. Navigate again to the Machine settings; you should now see Extruder 2 with X offset and Y offset at the bottom. Check if the X offset is set to 0 and Y offset is 21.6.

    Note: If you don't see Extruder 2 in the machine menu, first restart Cura.

The X and Y offset values in Cura are average values, but can be different for your Ultimaker. Therefore a dual extrusion calibration print must be done to define the exact offsets.

  1. Load a dual extrusion calibration model in Cura. Dual extrusion models usually exist of two files which means that you have to load both.
  2. Right-click on one of the models and select Dual extrusion merge. The two models will now be merged into one object.

    Note: Both models have a different color in Cura. The yellow one will be printed with the first hot end and the red model with the second hot end.

  3. Let Cura slice the model, save it to the SD card and place the SD card in your Ultimaker.
  4. Load two spools of filament on your Ultimaker. Take two different colors so you can easily check the X/Y offset later on.
  5. Start the print.
  6. When the print is finished, check if there are small gaps between the two colors or if there is too much overlap on some places.
  7. Go to Cura and change the X offset and Y offset accordingly. A higher value means that the distance between the nozzles in the X or Y direction is bigger than the default values; a lower values means that the distance is smaller.
  8. Do another calibration print and repeat the process until you have found the correct X and Y offset.