Installing the Dual Extrusion kit

The Dual Extrusion kit allows you to turn your Ultimaker Original into a dual extrusion printer. This means that you can print models existing of two colors/materials. Please note that the upgrade is experimental though, which means that some tweaking is required.

This guide explains how to install the dual extrusion kit onto your Ultimaker Original and how to calibrate it.

What's included?

Make sure to check if all the parts are included before you start the installation of the dual extrusion kit.

Dual extrusion wood pack

  • Wooden part FRONT, BACK, LEFT, RIGHT
  • Wooden part TOP
  • Wooden part 8B (2x)
  • Wooden part 10A, 10B, 10C
  • Wooden gear

Hot end mounting pack

  • Aluminium heater block
  • Hot end isolator tube
  • Nozzle
  • Teflon coupler
  • PEEK isolator
  • Clamp clip
  • Tube coupling collet
  • Acrylic mounting plate
  • Threaded spacers (2x)

Thermo pack

  • Thermocouple sensor
  • Heater cartridge

Knurled drive bolt pack

  • Knurled wheel
  • Small ball bearing
  • Feeder spring
  • Cap nut M8
  • Washer M8 (2x)
  • Nut M8

Nuts & bolts pack

  • M3x10 bolt (4x)
  • M3x16 bolt (8x)
  • M3x20 bolt (10x)
  • M3x25 bolt (1x)
  • M3x30 bolt (2x)
  • Nut M3 (2x)
  • Lock nut M3 (9x)
  • Corrugated spring washer (2x)
  • Spacer 15 mm (2x)


  • Injection molding set
  • Bowden tube
  • Feeder motor
  • Stepper driver
  • Thermocouple transmitter
  • Feeder quick fit coupling
  • Ball bearing 8mm (2x)