Ultimaker Original improved Z-limit switch

One of the most important things before you start a 3D print is to ensure the print bed is level. Without a leveled bed, it’s very likely your 3D print will come loose during the print, your Ultimaker Original hot end could be covered in a big blob of plastic, and in the end, you’ll have a failed print. So, what’s the best way to avoid this? Bed leveling!

On the Ultimaker Original there are 4 screws that allow you to individually level every corner of the bed to your liking. But before you do this, there is one earlier step to take – check the position of the Z-limit switch. The Z-limit switch accurately determines where your Z-stage will come to a hold – from this resting position you can fine-tune each corner using those 4 screws.

Ultimaker Original Z-limit
Ultimaker Original Z-limit switch screws

As you can imagine, it’s crucial to get this right and there have been a few community members who realized the process of positioning of this Z-limit switch could be easier. Originally you had to position it using 2 screws, which could be finicky to get right. After the mod you can find the sweet spot by just rotating a single screw by hand. For example, you can find the Ultimaker Original Z fine tuner by ataraxis here:

It is a simple design, using nothing but a few M3 screws and a ballpoint spring and doesn’t require any drilling or other form of heavy changes to your frame.

Improved Z-end stop parts
Z fine tuner parts

Total parts needed:

  • 1x slider part 3D printed
  • 1x main part 3D printed
  • 1x holdfast part 3D printed
  • 1x thumbscrew (or other 100mm screw)
  • 1x ballpoint spring
  • 2x M3 nuts
  • 2x 25mm M3 screws
  • 2x 10mm M3 screws

For this guide, we printed the mod using Ultimaker silver PLA with a 0.4mm nozzle. We recommend printing at 100 micron layer height to reduce friction in the slides and make it move much smoother. You can find the other Cura settings in the following screenshot:

New Cura settings
Cura settings

Only the nut on the slider is fixed. Heat it up with a lighter and gently press it in place. You can also decide to use glue. When using heat, avoid deforming the opening for the screw so it can still go through flawlessly.

After installing this modification on your Ultimaker Original you can simply use the screw to find that perfect sweet spot for your bed. This is what a perfect bed level should look like after installation.

Ultimaker Original post-install
Ultimaker Original post-install

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask for our help on the Ultimaker forum: