How to fix the most common Ultimaker error messages?

Depending on which printer you have, you might find a few different errors. Here you can find an overview of the meaning of these errors and how to easily fix them. If you’d like a more in-depth answer, you can also check out the full guides troubleshooting error messages.

Note: Always make sure that the printer is turned off and disconnected from the power supply before starting to troubleshoot the error.

Error messages you might encounter on the Ultimaker 2(+) Family

Error - Stopped Temp Sensor

This error is mainly caused due to a connection problem – this could be when the sensor that measures the temperature of the nozzle is damaged, or there’s a bad connection on the main board. This means that the PT100 sensor is not registering the values correctly, and for safety reasons it will prevent the nozzle from heating up.

Follow these easy steps to fix the Temp Sensor error.

insert the PT100 sensor in TEMP1
Connect the PT100 sensor to TEMP1

Error - Stopped Temperature Sensor BED

The heated bed has a sensor that registers the temperature values. The printer will show this error when it’s registering incorrect values. It’s there as a safety measure to ensure the heated bed can’t reach temperatures that are too high. This issue usually happens due to connection problems.

You can learn how to know if there is a bad connection by following a few steps here.

Error - Heater Error

If the sensor doesn’t register a steady (increase in) temperature, this error will appear. This usually means that the heater cartridge is not properly connected, so it will be turned off to avoid overheating the nozzle. However, there are a few other things that could cause this issue.

Follow these easy steps to fix the heater error.

ensure heater cartridge and sensor are inserted
the nozzle should not touch the fan bracket

X or Y Switch Broken

This error appears when one of the limit switches is not activated. The print head should always move towards the back left corner while homing and in order to set the origin point, the print head has to press the X and Y limit switch. When this doesn’t happen, the error will be shown on the display.

We recommend a few checks to figure out why the X or Y switch error occurs.

When homing the print head goes to the back left corner

Z Switch Broken or Z Switch Stuck

The function of the Z limit switch is to ensure that the build plate will not move further down than the bottom of the Ultimaker. If one of these errors is shown on the display it means that the Z limit switch isn’t activated for two possible reasons: the Z limit switch cannot be pressed, or the lever of the switch isn’t able to switch back.

Both errors can be solved the same way, as you can see here.

At the back bottom side of the Ultimaker is located the Z limit switch
Z limit switch location

Error while reading SD card

When this error message is shown there are a few simple checks you can easily do. The problem might be the SD card itself. Otherwise, it could be a problem with the UltiController electronics. We advise you to contact one of our local support teams to help you out.

You can read more information about this error here.

Safety circuit error

The safety circuit error appears when the safety circuit of the main board has been activated, in order to prevent any electrical damage. A possible cause is that the jumpers on the main board have fallen off.

You can solve this problem by taking a look at the bottom of the Ultimaker as shown here.

Bottom of the Ultimaker 3D printer
The Ultimaker electronics cover

Error messages you might encounter on the Ultimaker Original(+)


Ultimaker printers have a temperature sensor that can measure the temperature of the nozzle. This error will appear when the sensor is registering incorrect values, and will stop the nozzle from heating up for safety reasons. If the error MINTEMP is shown, it means the printer is registering a temperature that is too low , below 5°C, while the MAXTEMP error indicates that the temperature registered is too high, above 300°C. A problem with the connection is the most common cause of this error.

These errors can be fixed as shown here.


This error happens if the heated bed sensor registers inaccurate values. For safety reasons, this error will prevent the heated bed from heating up. The error MINTEMP means that the temperature registered is too low, while MAXTEMP means that it is registering a temperature that’s too high. Usually these errors happen because of problems with the connection on the main board or the heated bed, but it can also be that the sensor itself is damaged.

You can easily verify the connections as explained here.

Verify the connection to solve bed errors
Heated bed connection

Heating failed

The printer will encounter this error when it can’t heat up the nozzle, this will probably also cause the UltiController to flash. This issue is usually caused by a bad connection and can be fixed by taking a look at the heater cartridge cables.

For more details you can read the explanation here.

Main board Ultimaker Original+
Ultimaker Original's main board looks different

If you come across other issues, please check out our full troubleshooting section or get in touch with your local point of sale.