Frequently Asked Questions

I have trouble connecting Cura to my Ultimaker 3 over the network, what can I do?

Follow the instructions on network troubleshooting here.

Which platforms are supported by Cura?

Cura supports the most common platforms of Windows, Mac and Linux, for a complete list click here.

What are the system requirements to run Cura?

The minimum system requirements can be found here.

Does Cura support multi-core threading?

No, unfortunately Cura does not support multi-core threading.

How do I perform an update of Cura?

Cura does not have a built-in update system. To update Cura, go to Extensions > Update checker. Or download the latest version manually here.

Cura can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer, what now?

The solution to this Mac issue can be found here.

What file formats do Cura support?

Cura supports the following 3D file formats: 3MF, OBJ and STL. For 2D images are supported: bmp, gif, jpg & png.

Which 3rd party printers are supported by Cura?

A complete list of supported 3rd party printers can be found here.

How can I fix Cura stuck on splash screen?

Cura might be stuck on the splash screen, because the system is not OpenGL 2 compatible, which is part of the system requirements. If this is not the case, read how to reset Cura here.

How do I reset Cura to factory settings?

It might be useful to reset Cura and start fresh, for example when using it for demo purposes. Read here how to.

How do I update my Ultimaker firmware?

How to update the Ultimaker firmware is described here.

How do I add my Delta printer in Cura?

Add a custom FFF printer and enable 'Build plate shape = Elliptic' in the machine settings. Read how to do that here.

Why is the Cura 3D viewer slow on my Macbook with Retina display?

Mac systems with Retina display open in high resolution by default, which in some cases lead to performance issues. Read how to resolve this issue here.

Why is my wireprint not visible in layer view?

Since wireprint is an experimental way of printing on multiple Z-heights per layer, this feature is not visible in the layer view.

Why can’t I use special characters like !,@,& in my g-code filename?

The operating system(s) prevent the user from using special characters, because they are used in system specific files.

Why is my build plate showing a grey border, where I can’t place my model?

The grey boarders on the edges of the build plate are a visualization of the non-printable areas such as; bed clips, prime tower, prime position and platform adhesion settings.

How do I change my slice settings on a certain height? (Tweak at Z)

The slice settings can be changed per height using post processing plugins. These plugins can be found here.

Why is Cura constantly slicing?

Cura uses automatic slicing to deliver information to the engine as fast as possible, read here why.

Where did my old Cura 15.04 profiles go?

The new profile system can convert your old profiles to new ones, which is explained here.

Why does my profile change when I change my 3D printer type?

The Cura profiles are machine specific. Get tips on how to use it to your advantage here.

What is the best and quickest way to open files in Cura?

Read all the options to load files into Cura here.