Using old Cura profiles in the new version

Cura 2.1.0 and newer have a completely rebuilt profile system. Besides the way profiles are used, the profiles contain all the extra information needed for the new engine features. Therefore the old Cura profiles will not be immediately imported into the new Cura.

How to import old Cura profiles

Fortunately importing old profiles is done easy as cake!

When you have your favourite profile in 15.04.x, perform the following steps:

  1. In Cura 15.04.x: Click 'File' --> 'Save profile..' in the menu bar.
  2. Save the profile somewhere on the computer.
  3. In Cura 2.1.x: Click 'Profile' --> 'Manage profiles'.
  4. You are now in the Profile manager. Click 'Import' and search for the Cura 15.04.x profile.
  5. Click 'close' to close the Profile manager. Select your imported Cura profile in the settings panel on the right!