Machines and profile settings in Cura 2.1.0 and higher

Cura 2.1.0 and higher has a new integrated profile system. These profile settings determine the printing strategy applied to the desired 3d model. The settings are found in the setting panel on the right side in Cura.

Profiles per machine

It is important to know that profiles are saved per machine. When changing to a different machine, the profile settings are changed to the profile settings of the newly selected machine. This is due to the fact that every machine has its own unique setting set.

Example: Ultimaker Original has temperature settings, the Ultimaker2(+) has not!

To transfer a profile from one kind of machine to another, use the following steps:

  1. Export the profile to a folder on your computer.
  2. Change to the desired machine.
  3. Import the profile to the new machine.

Tip: When using multiple 3D printers of the same kind, create multiple machines in Cura. Each machine, despite being the same, will have its own set of profiles saved to it.