How to use different softwares

Want to learn a new program? The list below provides links to existing software tutorials.

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123D Catch and MeshMixer

123D Catch

MeshMixer Clean Up

MeshMixer Capping

MeshMixer Mashups


spolearninglabWeb page
3D Slash3D Slash IntroductionspolearninglabWeb page
3DTinIntroduction to 3DTin

  • Simple Step Stool
  • 2-D Clip Art
  • Exporting

spolearninglabWeb page
BeetleBlocksIt's Turtle Graphics All the Way Down: Designing with Code in Middle School CSJustin RileyGoogle Slides
BlenderBlender: Fundamentals of 3D Designing in BlenderPinshapeWeb page
BlenderBlender: IntroductionspolearninglabWeb page
BlenderBlender: Introduction

  • Direct Mesh
  • Difference
  • Sculpting
  • Exercises

spolearninglabWeb page
BlenderBlender: The Spin Tool spolearninglabWeb page
BlenderBlender: Extruding SVG filesspolearninglabWeb page
BlenderBlender: The Array ModifierspolearninglabWeb page
BlenderBlender: The Boolean ModifierspolearninglabWeb page
BlenderBlender: Adding a Name or Text3dprintingninjaWeb page
BlenderBlender: How to Split & Separate a Model in Blender3dprintingninjaWeb page
BlenderBlender Curriculum & Video Tutorials3dprintingninjaWeb page
BlenderBlender Curriculum & Video Tutorials3dprintingninjaWeb page
BlocksCADDesign Your Own Fidget Toy Using BlocksCADBlocksCADPDF
CuraUltimaker 3 Cura GuideUltimakerPDF
CuraUltimaker 3 Printing with PVA SupportUltimakerPDF
FreeCadFreeCad: IntroductionspolearninglabWeb page
Fusion 360Fusion 360: 3D Printing ClassInstrucablesOnline class
Math and 3DMath: Formula to 3D printable objectInstructableOnline/pdf
Math and 3DThickening a Polygon Mesh for Rapid Prototyping (3D Printing)WolframOnline
Mathematica3D Design in Mathematica: Creating a Name RingThe Mathematical ZorroWeb page
Mathematica3D Design in Mathematica: Polyhedral TerrariumThe Mathematical Zorroweb page
MeshmixerMeshMixer Tutorial for 3D Printing BeginnersAll3DPWeb page
MeshmixerMeshMixer Automatic Supports3dprintingninjaWeb page
MeshmixerMeshmixer ManualAutodeskWeb page
Morphi3D Modeling and Printing: MorphiThe InventeryPDF
MorphiMorphi Versions + ToolsThe InventeryYouTube Playlist
Morphi3D Modeling and Printing: MorphiThe InventoryWeb page
OnshapeOnshape's Turn-key College CurriculumOnshapeonline
OpenSCADPolyBowls – From zero to OpenSCAD in 6 minutesHacktasticWeb page
Rhino Preparing files for the 3d Printers with Rhino Digital Media Tutorial/Written by Trevor WilliamsPDF
Rhino Rhino 5 Curriculum Guide McNeel WikiOnline guide
RhinoRhino CurriculumMcNeel WikiCurriculum
RhinoRhino: 15 Week Skill Based LessonsMcNeel WikiCurriculum
SculptrisSculptris: IntroductionspolearninglabWeb page
SculptrisLearn The 3 Steps for Creating Your Own Designs Using SculptrisPinshapeWeb page
SketchUp3D Vinci free Teacher Guide3D VinciWeb Page
SketchUpSketchUp: Introduction3D VinciPDF
SketchUpSketchUp: Introduction

  • STL files
  • Tools
  • Tutorials

spolearninglabWeb page
SketchUpSketchUp: 3D TextspolearninglabWeb page
SketchUpSketchUp: MathspolearninglabWeb page
SketchUpSketchUp: Solid GeometryspolearninglabWeb page
SketchUpSketchUp: TetrahedronsspolearninglabWeb page
SketchUpSketchUp: Turn Yourself into a VaseSketchUp for DesignWeb page
SketchUpGetting started with Sketchup for 3D PrintingPrintLabPDF
Photoshop CC and TinkerCad3D Modeling for 3D Printing Tutorial for BeginnersShapewaysWeb page
TinkerCadTinkerCad: LearnAutodeskWeb page
TinkerCadTinkerCad:Coin TrapmathgrrlWeb page
  1. Choose one small inside hole and use the sliders in the Shape Script to change the number of sides/petals or the amount of twist in the shape.
  2. Align the small hole with the small blue gyro center and Group them together.
  3. For the outside, choose a large shape and customize it to your liking
  4. Align and Group the large shape with the large hole.
  5. Select the customized outer ring together with the orange, yellow, green, and customized blue gyro rings, and Align and Group together to make the final gyro.
MathgrrlWeb page
TinkerCadTinkerCad: Customize the hinged butterflyUngroup and modify or just start with the hinge mathgrrlWeb page