Resources by subject

Sometimes what you need is not a lesson or a tutorial, but information about 3D printing and your subject. Below you will find a list of resources by subject that can provide background information or inspiration for a lesson you might develop.

If you've written about 3D printing and a subject, or if you've come across a resource not on the list, but should be, please add it to the Resource by Subject Submission Form.


e-NABLE Educators' ExchangeAccessibilityenabling the futureCurriculum Repository
3D PRINTING FOR THE ART CLASSROOM3D and ArtDesignMakeTeachWeb page
Cookie CasterCookie cutterdreamforgeSimple project
Please Feel the Museum: The Emergence of 3D Printing and ScanningCulture/HistoryLiz Neely and Miriam LangerArticle
Create Tactile Maps easily for any addressDesignPlayful PixelsSimple project
3D printers in schools: uses in the curriculumGeneralUK Department of EducationPaper
Digital Fabrication and "Making" in Education: The Democratization of Invention. In J. Walter-Herrmann & C. Büching (Eds.), FabLabs: Of Machines, Makers and Inventors. Bielefeld: Transcript Publishers.GeneralPaulo BliksteinBook chapter
Create STL models of the surface of EarthGeographyThatcher ChamberlinSimple project
Design A bracelet to print at homeJewelrynervous systemSimple project
3D Printing and ScanningMathematica ProjectNazmus Saquib from How to Make (Almost) Anything classWeb page
3D printing mathematicsMathSaul Schleimer and Henry SegermanWeb page
3D printing the trefoil knot and its pages
Web page
MathFrederick HohmanPDF and web page
3D Printing of Math Models, 2013-14 Mathematica Cheat SheetMathematicaWesleyanPDF
3D Printing for Math Professors and Their StudentsMathEdward Aboufadel, Sylvanna V. Krawczyk and Melissa Sherman-BennettPaper
Feasibility Study For Teaching Geometry and Other Topics Using Three-Dimensional PrintersMathElizabeth Ann SlavkovskyPaper
George W. Hart'sRapid Prototyping MathGeorge W. HartPaper
Low-cost 3D Printing for Science, Education and Sustainable DevelopmentMathEditors: E Canessa, C. Fonda, and M. Zennaro Book
Mathematical Impressions: Printing 3-D Models MathGeorge W. HartWeb page
OpenSCAD revisitedMathKit WallaceArticle
Polyhedra in OpenSCADMath: GeometryKit WallaceWeb page
Visualizing Mathematics with 3D Printing
MathHenry SegermanBook, PDF, and website
Print the MoonScience: AstronomyThatcher ChamberlinSimple project
3D Printing: Food in SpaceScience: Astronomy/engineeringNASAArticle
Building the Future: Space Station Crew 3-D Prints First Student-Designed Tool in SpaceScience: Astronomy/engineeringNASAArticle and video
Space to Ground: 3D Printing in Zero GScience: Astronomy/engineeringNASA JohnsonVideo
How to 3D print proteins
Science: BiologyForrest YehTutorial
5 Amazing Uses of 3D Printing to Further Medical AdvancementsScience: BiologyFictivArticle
3D Printing Physical ActivityScience: Biology and Health Swansea University in the Applied Sports, Technology, Exercise and Medicine (A-STEM) Research CentreWebsite
Building the Future: Space Station Crew 3-D Prints First Student-Designed Tool in SpaceScience: Astronomy/engineeringNASAArticle and video
3D Printing for Physics EducationScience: PhysicsProfessor Josh Grossman and Abigail Taylor Web page

3D Printing and Education

Sometimes you just need information about how 3D printing fits into education. The list below is a collection of resources that you can share with administrators, teachers, librarians, and parents.

If you've written about 3D printing and education, or if you've come across a resource not on the list, but should be, please add it to the Resource Submission Form.


Woof3D club's "how-to" handouts PDFs University of Washington 3D printing in Higher Ed
3D Printing in Higher Education web page Lawrence University 3D printing in Higher Ed
Progress in the Making: An Introduction to 3D Printing and Public Policy pdf American Library Association 3D printing and libraries
Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering and Engineering in the Classroom Book Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary S. Stager 3D printing
Invent To Learn Guide to 3D Printing in the Classroom Recipes for Success Book David Thornburg, Norma Thornburg & Sara Armstrong 3D printing
The Book on 3D Printing Book Isaac Budmen and Anthony Rotolo 3D printing
How do I 3D print something? The 3D Printing Process Online guide 3dprintingninja 3D printing
How To 3D Print – Beginner’s Guide To 3D Printing Online guide 3DPrinterPlans 3D printing
3D Printing in the Classroom Online resource list Kathy Schrock 3D printing
3D Printing PrimerOnline guidek12irc3D printing
Afinia 3D ebook vol. 2EBookMoss Educational & Industrial Training Solutions3D Printing
Progress in the Making: 3D Printing Policy Considerations through the Library Lens PDF Charlie Wapner 3D printing and libraries
Resources- Reaching 95% #InventionLiteracy

#SXSWEDU Core Convo with Jay Silver and Colleen Graves


What is Invention Literacy?

Invention Literacy
Progress in the MakingLibrarians’ Practical 3D PrintingQuestions Answered PDF Zach Lichaa and Charlie Wapner 3D printing and libraries
Maker Spaces in Libraries Online guide Sharona Ginsberg 3D printing and libraries
Why the Maker Movement Is Important to America’s Future Article/td> Time Maker movement and education
Computer-Aided Design of Tactile Models Taxonomy and Case Studies PDF Andreas Reichinger1, Moritz Neumüller, Florian Rist, Stefan Maierhofer1, and Werner Purgathofer Tactile design
eLearning and eMaking: 3D Printing Blurring the Digital and the PhysicalPaper Jennifer Loy eLearning tool
3D Printing in education: from eLearning to eMakingArticle Sculpteo3D in the classroom
Thingiverse Helps Make 3D Printing Easy for Student Beginners Article Edtech Repositories
Stress Relief: Improving Structural Strength of 3D Printable ObjectsPaperOndrej Stava, Juraj Vanek, Bedrich Benes, Nathan Carr, Radomîr MechPrinting
How does 3D Printing Work?VideoRMIT University3D Printing
3D-Printed Teaching Aids for Students with Visual ImpairmentsWord docAyna Agarwal, Shaheen Jeeawoody and Maya YamaneTactile objects
3D Printing, Tactiles and HapticsPDFDIAGRAM-sponsoredTactile objects