Useful tools

Want to be prepared for anything and everything? The list below includes all the extras that you'll need for your 3D printing classroom.


BuildTak Spatula $19.99This tool has been developed specifically for the FFF 3D printing world. It features a durable plastic handle with non-slip, ergonomic rubber grip. The blade is composed of rigid stainless steel with a thin front edge that was designed to help separate of your 3D prints from the build platform.
deburring tool$7This tool is used to clean up modeled holes and to remove small amounts of plastic from your parts.
Desiccant$7 Silica gel is a non-toxic and inert moisture absorber. PLA absorbs water over time, which can results in bubbly printing. To prevent the absorption of water, store your filament in a sealed plastic bag with a pack of silica gel.
Digital Caliper$59.95 A precision measuring tool. Necessary for accurate measuring and modeling.
glue sticks
Glue Sticks$2.10Apply some onto the build plate to help with adhesion issues.
Magigoo Pen$19.95Even better than a glue stick (worth the extra money). Apply some onto the build plate to help with adhesion issues.
Modifi3d USB 3D Print Finishing Tool$34.99 This set includes 4 interchangeable tips for different types of print clean-up. The tool heats rapidly to 300°C or more, from a standard USB connection. The heated tips allow excess material and supports to be cut cleanly away, and surfaces smoothed, in order to improve the finish of your prints. You can also use it to make plastic rivets.The tool heats rapidly in under 15 seconds, and cools again within 30 seconds. The kit includes a simple stand, and four tips:
  • Knife Tip
  • Needle Tip
  • Point Tip
  • Scoop Tip
Needle File Set$10.55Files are great for removing excess support.
Needle nose pliers$2.79Perfect for removing support.
Paper towelsUsed to clean and dry your build plate.
Paper and pencilsEssential for writing down the dimensions captured with your calipers and for sketching before modeling.
Precision Tool Set $85A selection of essential tools ideal for maintaining and using your Ultimaker 3D printer. Included in the set is the same tools fbrc8 uses to assemble and repair printers. This set also features a sturdy canvas pouch in addition to:
  • 2mm ball-head hex screwdriver
  • 2.5mm ball-head hex screwdriver
  • 1.5mm hex screwdriver
  • 5.5mm nut driver
  • 2.5mm slotted screwdriver
  • #00 Phillips screwdriver
  • Needle-nosed tweezers
  • Curved nose pliers
Set of Tweezers $16This 6-piece set of stainless steel tweezers includes every shape and size needed for the workshop. A great set to have handy.
Super glue$12.33 Used for repairing models, filling gaps, or combining parts.
Variety of bearingsGreat for smooth rotations as they reduce rotational friction and support radial and axial loads.
Variety of neodymium magnets Great for attaching parts.
Wire cutter Good for removing support.
2 gallon Ziplock bags$7.78Perfect for storing filament.
Hot Air Heat Gun$28.99Handy for thermoforming and troubleshooting a flooded hot end.

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