How to use and install Cura plugins

Cura has a built-in plugins system, which allows the extend of the software to get more features.

Where to find plugins

For a short term solution, this page provides plugin(s) to install on Cura.

Convert to Metric Plugin

This plugin scales models that were created with the imperial system (inches) to the metric system (cm).

  1. Load a model that was designed in inches.
  2. Select the model.
  3. In the menu, go to: Extensions -> Convert to Metric -> Convert selected model

Download: Convert to metric plugin for Cura 2.1

How to install plugins

  1. On your computer, go to the Cura folder.

    Windows: Located in 'program files' folder.

    Mac: Located in the applications folder.

  2. Open the folder and find the following file path: Cura/Contents/Resources/cura/plugins
  3. This folder contains a few other plugins, like '3MF Reader' and 'Autosave'.
  4. Download a plugin and unzip it.
  5. Move the entire folder into the plugins folder.
  6. (Re)start Cura