Where to find models

You don't always have to design and model your own files to 3D print. Another way to use your 3D printer is by locating and downloading existing models from the Internet. There are many websites that house models. While some repositories may charge a fee to print their files, many more provide models that are free to use. Just remember to attribute (give credit) to the creator, and be aware that there may be additional licenses associated with the file. Be sure to check the restrictions before using.



Name of collectionDescriptionCompanyDaily Page Views*Daily Unique Visitors*
Trimble 3D Warehouse3D models for SketchUpTrimble442,054 (3.48 per visitor)127027
ThingiverseLaunched in 2008, Thingiverse continues to support a thriving community for making and sharing 3D printable thingsMakerBot1,801,800 (15.60 per visitor)115500
TurboSquidStock 3D modelsTurboSquid267,375 (4.65 per visitor)57500
SketchfabSite for displaying and sharing 3D content online. Strong in scanned artSketchFab40,221 (2.81 per visitor)14314
YeggiSearch engineYeggi79,200 (6.00 per visitor)13200
MyMiniFactoryA site of curated downloadable 3D objects. Each object on the site is guaranteed to be printableiMakr103,087 (15.40 per visitor)6694
PinshapeSite offers both ‘premium’ (paid) STL files and free STL files for 3D printingFormLabs20,425 (4.30 per visitor)4750
Yobi3DSearch engineYobi3D Inc9,020 (2.20 per visitor)4100
3D Content CentralA free service for locating, configuring, downloading, and requesting 2D and 3D parts and assemblies, 2D blocks, library features, and macrosDassault Systèmes11,949 (3.00 per visitor)3983
STL FinderSearch engineMiguel Angel Villar Alarcon 14,040 (5.20 per visitor)2700
CG TraderPrimarily a place to buy and sell 3D models of all kindsCGTrader8,214 (4.00 per visitor)2054
Artec 3D ScansSite of high resolution 3D scan models made using Artec Eva, Spider and Space Spider handheld 3D scanners and Artec Studio scanning and processingArtec Europe3,240 (2.20 per visitor)1473
Cults 3D3D printing marketplaces that offers both paid and free high quality STL files for 3D printingCults6,615 (4.90 per visitor)1350
YouMagineA 3D content repository managed by Ultimaker that features free STL files for 3D printing. YouMagine is commited to protecting their 3D designers Ultimaker6,633 (8.10 per visitor)819
3DShookSubscription service for catalog of 3D models designed by skilled product and industrial designers3DShook LTD2,325 (3.10 per visitor)750
RascomRasSpanish Language repositoryRascomRas3,415 (5.30 per visitor)644
ThreedingA marketplace for free and paid 3D printable models and filesThreeding.com1,500 (3.00 per visitor)500
RepablesSimple website that allows users to upload their files to share, and download files they want to useRepables1,001 (2.90 per visitor)345
3dkitbashToys, Skulls, and 3D Printer Test KitsGhost Capital, LLC899 (2.90 per visitor)310
RedpahRepository specifically designed for printable 3D modelsRedpah452 (2.10 per visitor)215
Digital Morphology library This collection of 3D models of fossils is generated at the National Science Foundation's multi-user CT labUTCT/DigiMorph.org630 (3.00 per visitor)210
Libre 3DOnline 3D model repository3dhacker llc434 (2.30 per visitor)189
The ForgeFree 3D-printable models designed by Zheng3Zheng3315 (2.10 per visitor)150
Morpho SourceA team of Evolutionary Anthropologists from Duke University in North Carolina have established an online collection of scanned fossils - all available to 3D print at home.Duke689 (5.10 per visitor)135
3DAGOGO Site allows users to buy and sell 3D models, while also offering a large selection of completely free STL files for 3D printing, all tested for prinatability3DAGOGO240 (2.90 per visitor)83
3D File MarketOpen market place for designers where all 3d print files are proven printable and verified. Both free and paid downloads available. 3DFileMarket.com 240 (3.00 per visitor)80
African FossilsAfrican Fossils seeks to increase public knowledge about prehistory by harnessing modern technology. Through digitizing otherwise inaccessible discoveries, the organization is dedicated to creating a growing repository of 3D models of significant fossils and artifacts, thus making them freely accessible to allAfrican Fossils169 (2.60 per visitor)65
GB3D Type FossilsThe UK repository for digitized type fossil specimens British Geological Survey and JISC GB3D Type Fossils Online project partners84 (2.10 per visitor)40
TrinpyRoyalty-Based 3D Printing RepositoryTrinpy PTY LTD120 (4.00 per visitor)30
STLHive3D print models for radio-controlled cars, drones, and roboticsSTLHive46 (2.30 per visitor)80
X 3D Smithsonian3D print ready model created from laser scan dataSmithsonian NANA
AudilabModels of the human earMcGillNANA
McMaster-CarrMany parts have downloadable 3D printable modelsMcMaster CarrNANA
NASASite that hosts NASA 3D printable modelsNASANANA
SmorfA website that allows you to interactively render crystal structures on-line and buy 3D-printed models at $10/pieceSmorfNANA
NIH 3D Print ExchangeA public website that enables users to share, download and edit 3D print files related to health and scienceNational Institute of HealthNANA

*Page View and Unique Visitor data collected July 16, 2016 from www.hypestat.com