Installing Wi-Fi and firmware

The Ultimaker 3 can print wirelessly over a network. To connect your Ultimaker 3 to a wireless network, you will need a computer or smartphone.

Setting up Wi-Fi

  1. Wait until your Ultimaker 3 has created a Wi-Fi hotspot. This can take a minute.
  2. Move to your computer or smartphone and connect it to the wireless network of the printer. The name of the network is shown on the display of the Ultimaker 3.
  3. A pop-up will appear on the display of your computer. Follow the steps to connect the Ultimaker 3 to your local Wi-Fi network. The pop-up will disappear when you have completed these steps.

    Note: If the pop-up does not appear, open a browser and browse to a website that is not yet known by your browser.

    WiFi installation
    WiFi installation

  4. Go back to the Ultimaker 3 to continue with the setup for first use.

    Note: Within some network environments the Ultimaker 3 may experience difficulties connecting wirelessly. When this happens, repeat the Wi-Fi setup from another computer or smartphone.

    Note: If you skip this process you can always re-do the Wi-Fi setup after completing the welcome setup by going to System > Network > Run Wi-Fi setup.

Updating the firmware

As a last step the Ultimaker 3 will check if the latest firmware version is installed. If not, it will get the latest firmware from the internet and install it. This will take several minutes.