When turning on your Ultimaker Original, you will always see the main screen first. The main screen shows various information, as shown in the image below.


  1. Nozzle temperature: shows the current temperature of the nozzle and target temperature.
  2. X/Y/Z coordinates: indicates the current position of the print head and build plate.
  3. FeedRate: this is the print speed based on the set print speed in Cura.
  4. Elapsed time: shows for how long the Ultimaker Original has been printing on the current print.
  5. SD%: keeps track of the progress of the print.


By pushing the button on the UltiController you will get into the main menu, which is divided in four submenus.

  • Info screen: guides you back to the main screen.
  • Prepare: offers several options to prepare your Ultimaker Original by manually controlling certain settings.
  • Control: allows you to change machine settings of the Ultimaker Original.
  • Print from S select a file to start a print.


Once a print has started the menu on the UltiController will slightly change. Instead of the “Prepare” option you will now see a “Tune” option in the main menu. This allows you to change settings (e.g. temperature and speed) while printing, in order to have more control over the printing process.