Build a snowman: an introduction to Blender

Contributed by
Gemma Amendola

Students are introduced to the Blender software and the basic tools. Students use the tools to make a snowman to learn about simple modeling and rendering.

Duration: 2 70 minute classes

Become familiar with Blender

1. Watch intro to Blender and snowman:

2. Create your own snowman.


Grading rubricSnowman
Hand in1 JPEG of the scene with an interesting camera angle1 JPEG of the scene with appropriate camera angle1 JPEG
PartsCreative eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, and a carrot nose.Eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, and a carrot nose.Eyes, nose, mouth, and a carrot nose.
Parts3 snowballs and a creative hat.3 snowballs and a hat3 snowballs
SettingCreative setting with multiple objects, materials and texturesCreative setting with a few objects and various materials.A setting with at least one object and materials.
MaterialsAll shapes creatively coloredAll shapes coloredMost shapes colored
Lighting and cameraExcellent lighting and creative camera anglesGood lighting and varied camera anglesSome lighting and a proper camera angle
TimelineHand in on time (10 points)One day late (5 points)5 days late (1 point) will not take it more then 5 days late.