Flintstone Car

Contributed by
Gemma Amendola

This is a first look at animating in Blender. I call this the trained monkey work. Not a lot of creativity. Just follow the instructions and learn how the tools work. The next project will be where students can get really creative with what they learn in this one.

Duration: 4-5 70 minute classes

Prerequisites: The Snowman and The Room

Download a PDF of this tutorial.

Learn how to use Blender to create animations

1. Watch the three videos:

2. Create your own car.

Grading rubricFlintstone Car
Hand inAVI JPEG  at least 100 frames long in proper formatAVI JPEG  at least 100 frames AVI JPEG  

PartsCar looks exactly like the pdf with moving partsCar looks similar to the pdf with some moving partsCar has some of the parts of the pdf with one moving part

PartsCar moves and turns with a tilt like the pdf.Car moves and turns like the pdf.Car moves

SettingCreative setting with multiple objects, materials and textures.Creative setting with a few objects and various materials.A setting with at least one object and materials.

MaterialsAll shapes creatively colored All shapes coloredMost shapes colored  

Lighting and cameraExcellent lighting and creative camera anglesGood lighting and varied camera anglesSome lighting and a proper camera angle

TimelineHand in on time (10 points)One day late (5 points)5 days late (1 point) will not take it more then 5 days late.