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INTERVIEW: CARNEGIE MELLON RESEARCHERS ON THE DESKTOP 3D PRINTER TURNING RIGID PLASTICS TO FABRICS3D Printing IndustryTextile fabrication has seen novel applications in custom clothing and texture-based devices thanks to a modified FFF 3D printer from Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), in Pittsburgh.TIA VIALVA April 19, 2019
3D PRINTED MOLDS ARE HELPING NASA TO INSULATE ITS NEWEST DEEP SPACE ROCKET3D Printing IndustryNASA engineers are using 3D printing to help insulate vulnerable parts of its new deep space rocket that will take astronauts to the moon in 2024.JACK COLYERApril 18, 2019
MICHIGAN TECH SCIENTISTS WRITE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR GREENER 3D PRINTING3D Printing IndustryFab Labs are forming a Green Fab Lab Network which will harness renewable resources and 3D printing to build sustainable and circular economies.Umair IftikharApril 18, 2019
UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA DEVELOPS TRANSPARENT SKULL FOR MICE USING 3D PRINTING3D Printing IndustryScientists at the University of Minnesota have produced a 3D printed transparent skull implant them to observe the inner workings of mouse-brains in real time. Named the See-Shell it could provide new insights for human brain conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.JACK COLYERApril 16, 2019
4,000-Year-Old Neolithic Dog Head Reconstructed with 3D PrintingAll3DPThe skull of a 4,000-year-old Neolithic dog found in a tomb dig in Orkney, Scotland was scanned, 3D printed and reconstructed to reveal that the creature looks similar to a European grey wolf. Hanna Watkin April 16, 2019
Israeli Researchers 3D Print Tiny Heart with Blood Vessels and ChambersAll3DPResearchers from Tel Aviv University used a patient's cells to 3D print a heart with blood vessels, ventricles and chambers that is the size of a rabbit's heart. Hanna Watkin April 16, 2019
COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY 3D PRINTED FOOD CHALLENGES CONVENTIONAL FLAVOR PROFILES3D Printing IndustryHoping to overcome the limitations of current 3D food printers (3DFPs), scientists from Columbia University have developed a new method to 3D print cooked food. This latest method is unique insofar as it can combine different ingredients—such as chicken with dough—and cook each ingredient selectively.JACK COLYERApril 15, 2019
Bioscientists Develop 3D Printed Artificial Tissues to Help Heal Bone and Cartilage InjuriesAll3DPBioscientists at Rice University and the University of Maryland are developing a method to 3D print artificial tissues to help heal bone and cartilage injuries in the elbows, ankles, and knees. Hanna Watkin April 15, 2019
Engineers Using 3D Printed Sugar Stents to Improve Surgery SuccessAll3DPUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln engineers are using 3D printing and sugar to create tubes that fit inside adjacent ends of a clipped artery during surgery to help ease the fiddly-nature of the surgeon's work.Hanna Watkin April 15, 2019
University of South Australia 3D Print Feet to Teach Foot Condition TreatmentAll3DPThe University of South Australia is using 3D printed feet and a blend of icing sugar and chicken stock to create realistic foot ulcers to teach podiatry students how to treat high-risk foot conditions.Hanna Watkin April 15, 2019
Researchers 3D Print Shrimp Claw to Generate Underwater PlasmaAll3DPTexas A&M University researchers are using 3D printing to develop a method of underwater plasma generation inspired by shrimp. Benefits of the method could be in drilling and water sterilization.Hanna Watkin April 8, 2019
3D Printing a Fingerprint to Fool a Samsung Galaxy S10 Ultrasonic Fingerprint ScannerAll3DPImgur user darkshark created a 3D printed finger to trick the Samsung Galaxy S10’s in-display fingerprint sensor. It worked, proving we should be more careful who to trust with our personal information.Hanna Watkin April 8, 2019
3D Printing Hearts of Babies with Congenital Heart Disease to Improve CareAll3DPA team of researchers at King's College London and Guy's and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust developed an approach to improve the care of babies with congenital heart disease by creating a 3D model of their hearts while inside the womb.Hanna Watkin March 31, 2019
Will 3D Printing Help Find All The Female Architects?FabbalooA provocative piece was published in the New York Times on December 15, 2018, titled “Where Are All the Female Architects?”, the question posed by Allison Arieff about why nearly half of architecture students are women, but so few remain in the industry post-graduation is an important one. Ms. Arieff rightly stated that even now, presumptions about women quitting to marry, being unable to command authority on job sites, or even that their creativity was not on level, have somehow persisted in this industry. With men questioning their competency and qualifications or not believing they were actually in charge of an engagement, women do have the desire to be good architects with meaningful impact – however, they do not want to be recognized for being good women architects.Charles Goulding Jan 18, 2019
MIT Researchers Automate Reverse Engineering of 3D Models3D Printing Industry

Researchers at MIT have developed a new way of editing CAD models. Described in the paper, InverseCSG: Automatic Conversion of 3D Models to CSG Trees, this method makes it easier and time-effective to customize 3D models and recover their metadata. If coupled with 3D printing, the researchers believe this method could become a powerful tool for reverse engineering, and other on demand manufacturing requirements.

Umair Iftikhar Jan 3, 2019
3D Printed Models Help Students Gain a Better Understanding of DNA Behavior3dPrint.comIn a paper entitled “Visualizing the Invisible: A Guide to Designing, Printing and Incorporating Dynamic 3D Molecular Models to Teach Structure-Function Relationships,” a group of researchers from the University of Nebraska discusses the importance of using three-dimensional models to help students understand critical biology and chemistry concepts. Teachers, the researchers point out, often rely on two-dimensional images to teach complex three-dimensional concepts, such as the structure of molecules, but students cannot fully grasp the concepts using only 2D images. Kits with 3D models exist for teaching purposes, but they “cannot handle the size and details of macromolecules.”Claire Scott Nov 5, 2018
Coolrec and Refil launch HIPS 3D printer filament made from recycled fridges3ders.orgCoolrec, a subsidiary of International waste recycling company Renewi, is partnering with Refil to launch HIPS (High Impact PolyStyrene plastic), a high quality, dissolvable 3D printing filament made from the plastics from old refrigerators.Grijs Oct 17, 2018
TrussFormer Creates Large-Scale Kinetic Structures Made From Plastic Bottles and 3D Printed ConnectorsALL3DPScientists from the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany have developed an integrated end-to-end software solution called TrussFormer. It allows users to design large-scale kinetic structures produced from plastic bottles and 3D printed connectors.Hanna Watkin Oct 16, 2018
Surgically Planning Bento the Puppy’s Recovery with 3D PrintingALL3DPWhen Bento the puppy from Cleveland, US, fractured his forearm, there were multiple people willing to lend a helping hand. As a result, the puppy is back on his four feet after receiving surgery planned out using 3D printing technology.Hanna Watkin Oct 12, 2018
PrintYourMind3D Launch Contest for Students to Solve Waste PLA ProblemALL3DPPrintYourMind3D, the Canadian 3D print reseller, has launched a contest aimed at Alberta students which hopes to tackle 3D printer waste with new innovative disposal methods. Hanna Watkin Oct 11, 2018
Researchers 3D Print Objects which Send Data Without using PowerALL3DPUniversity of Washington researchers have developed 3D printed plastic objects which communicate wirelessly to transmit data about their uses without requiring batteries or electronics.  Hanna Watkin Oct 10, 2018
Unique 3D printed tactile map helps visually impaired students navigate USF campus3ders.org3D printing is already used in several ways to improve the lives of the blind and visually impaired. 3D printed tactile maps, 3D printed, blind-friendly smart glasses, and 3D printed braille readers have each contributed to the cause, but there are endless new ways in which additive manufacturing can be used to make life a little easier for those who see a little less well.Thomas Oct 5, 2018
3D printed jellyfish robots created to monitor fragile coral reefs3ders.orgA team of scientists from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and the U.S. Office of Naval Research have built 3D printed robot jellyfish that could one day be used to track and monitor endangered coral reefs in the world’s oceans.Thomas Oct 3, 2018
Rubik’s Cube Solves Itself Using 3D Printing and Servo MotorsALL3DPJapanese creator Human Controller has built a self-solving Rubik's Cube to the dimensions of the original toy using 3D printing, an Arduino and servo motors.Hanna Watkin Sept 27, 2018
Student Redesigns Nintendo 64 Joystick using 3D PrintingALL3DPNam Le, a student from California Polytechnic State University, reverse engineered a Nintendo 64 joystick system from scratch using upcycled controllers. His redesign is sturdier, more durable and longer-lasting than current joysticks.Hanna Watkin Sept 26, 2018
Kickstarter Partners with Autodesk to Release 3D Printer Assessment STLALL3DPIn an attempt to standardize a measure for a 3D printer's abilities, Kickstarter and Autodesk have collaborated to create an open-source 3D printing quality test.Matthew Mensley  Sept 11, 2018
How 3D printing revolutionizes the world of visual impairmentSculpteoAdditive manufacturing has been a game changer in many industries. It can save our lives with 3D printed organs, help us to build more efficient airplanes, or improve the production process in the automotive sector. 3D printing gives us some amazing opportunities to develop new technologies and reach beyond the impossible.

Now it’s time for a new era for people with visual impairment. It can bring a remarkable change to improve their lives and empower them with everyday basics. In this blog post, we will talk about some of the most impressive projects such as 3D printed art or how Additive Manufacturing helps with the development and education of blind children.

Katarzyna Plewa July 26, 2018
Clean Currents: 3D-printed water bottles and more from ocean plasticPlastics TodayClean Currents first product will be a reusable water bottle. This project will act as a proof of concept to demonstrate how ocean plastic can be 3D-printed into a great, consistent product. Before Clean Currents, turning ocean plastic into products has only been done as an experiment or as a gimmick. This phase of our plan is meant to prove that ocean plastic products really can work. Adam Smith July 25, 2018
3D Printer & Recycled Plastic – Tips for Your Waste PlasticAll3DPMost 3D printing enthusiasts find themselves with a mountain of waste piling up after a few weeks of printing. But what can you do about it? In this article, we'll discuss the recyclability of common 3D printer plastics and how to cut down on plastic waste.Michael Jones July 25, 2018
Researchers Develop Polymerization Process to Recycle 3D Printing MaterialsAll3DPResearchers from Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) have developed a two-step polymerization process to fully recycle 3D printed thermosetting photopolymers. Hanna Watkin  May 30, 2018
EDG creates customizable 3D printed concrete molds to restore historic architecture3ders.orgIn the past decade, the relationship between technology and craft has seen a significant reversal. Usually 3D printing was used to manufacture small objects, figurines and prototypes, it is now being used to construct affordable housing in the construction industry. Artists and artisans across creative fields are embracing digital tools as the new medium for human expression. ThomasMay 28, 2018
Engineers Develop 3D Printing Method That Produces Tissue Scaffolding From SugarAll3DPA team of engineers from the University of Illinois have developed a free-form isomalt 3D printing technology that produces intricate sugar-based scaffolding, which could potentially be used to grow tissue or study tumors.  Anne Freier   May 26, 2018
ColorFabb to Launch New Color on Demand Filament Service in JuneAll3DPColor on Demand is a new service coming soon from colorFabb which will enable you to have the color you want matched and produced. With more choice than ever, you can either order from the dozens of RAL colors or create your own.Hanna Watkin  May 26, 2018
Million Waves Project 3D Prints Prosthetic Limbs From Ocean PlasticsAll3DPCharitable non-profit Million Waves Project combines a passion for cleaning up the ocean with helping young people in need: this young organization aims to provide prosthetic limbs 3D printed from reclaimed ocean plastics for children in need, worldwide, free of charge.Anne Freier May 1, 2018
Researchers Develop 3D Printed Metamaterials That Can Control Vibration and SoundAll3DPResearchers from USC Viterbi School of Engineering have developed 3D printed metamaterials that can switch between active control and passive states, enabling control of acoustic and optical waves.Anne Freier April 18, 2018
Rice's 3D printed cervix models help teach cervical cancer screening3ders.orgStudents at Rice University in Texas have recently made use of 3D printing technology in order to develop a new way to diagnose and treat cervical cancer. Their 3D printed device is modeled after the pelvic region of a woman, and it will enable medical professionals to get training on the different cervical cancer screening and treatment procedures. It will prove particularly helpful for doctors and nurses in areas of the U.S. and further afield where resources are limited, as it is cheap and fast to put together. The device was developed by senior design students Christine Luk, Elizabeth Stone and Rachel Lambert, as well as graduate student Sonia Parra.DavidApril 18, 2018
UW researchers 3D print innovative 'smart' device for ordering laundry detergent3ders.orgA team of students at the University of Washington have made use of 3D printing technology to make a simple yet potentially life-changing new 'smart' device. Their project was addressed to one of the most basic, but important, everyday needs, which is the purchase of laundry detergent. They developed a way for people to automatically monitor the levels of laundry liquid in a bottle and order more when they’re running out, saving time as well as preventing any potential laundry-based emergencies. It was part of the students' research, exploring ways to get physical objects to communicate with electronics.DavidApril 17, 2018
Dartmouth researchers create 'smart' 3D printing ink that responds to stimuli3ders.orgA team of researchers at Dartmouth, part of the Ke Research Group which is led by chemistry professor Chenfeng Ke, have succeeded in creating an innovative new 3D printing material. Their material is an ink that can react to environmental stimuli, enabling the printing of ‘smart’ 4D objects. The team worked in collaboration with scientists from Northwestern University and the University of Texas at Dallas, and their findings were published in the Angewandte Chemie International Edition journal.DavidApril 17, 2018
Researchers 3D print robust, superelastic foam with tunable properties for footwear and car seating3ders.orgA team of researchers at Cleveland’s Cape Western Reserve University have recently completed some interesting work on a new group of 3D printed materials, which could have a variety of useful applications. The project was carried out by Professor Rigoberto Advincula, alongside Qiyi Chen and Peng‐Fei Cao, at the Department of Macromolecular Science and Engineering. Their work was detailed in a paper entitled ''Mechanically Robust, Ultraelastic Hierarchical Foam with Tunable Properties via 3D Printing'', published in the Advanced Functional Materials journal. The team fabricated superelastic foams, using the viscous solution printing (VSP) 3D printing technique, also known as direct ink writing (DIW).DavidApril 16, 2018
Nike Flyprint: Lightweight, Flexible and 3D Printed Shoes Designed for RunnersAll3DPNike has just unveiled the Vaporfly Elite Flyprint, a new 3D printed running shoe that is lightweight, flexible and comfortable. The material used to make this sneaker was designed in collaboration with runner Eliud Kipchoge, who ran the world’s fastest marathon of all time.Tyler Koslow  April 17, 2018
3D Printed Reefs May Offer Hope to Restore Dying Coral Reefs WorldwideAll3DP3D printing may provide a sustainable solution to the current crisis of coral reef death globally.Anne Freier April 11, 2018
Getting to The Heart of the Matter with 3D PrintingAll3DPCombining medically accurate models with allegorical artworks, new exhibition “The Heart of the Matter” takes a closer look at the complexity — and beauty — of the human heart using 3D printed sculptures.Bulent Yusuf April 11, 2018
Weekend Project: Brighten Memories with the 3D Printed Lithophane LampAll3DPMaker and YouTuber MakewithRex shows us how to create a 3D printed lithophane lamp. By following his instructions, you can turn your favorite photos into a lantern of memories.Tyler KoslowMar 23, 2018
3D Printing and Distributing the Fittle Puzzle to Help People in India Learn BrailleAll3DPFittle is the world’s first 3D printed braille puzzle which is open source. It helps visually impaired people in India learn to read braille quickly and efficiently.Hannah WatkinMar 12, 2018
Are seashells the future of eco-friendly 3D printing? One TU Delft student thinks so3ders.orgAfter devouring a big plate of seafood, you might be left with a dish of discarded shells. Not unreasonably, it would be sent straight to the garbage without much of a second thought. For one Dutch student, however, this same plate of empty shells was the source of inspiration for an innovative 3D printing project.TessMar 2, 2018
3D Printed Drone Parts – What to Consider & How to Do ItAll3DPA guide to 3D printed drones with resources, materials, and ideas. In Fact, all you need to start 3D printing your drone parts.Franklin Houser Feb 24, 2018
Google Arts and Culture presents 3D printed vases at Indian museum3ders.orgThough most people will know it for its painting selfie app, Google Arts and Culture is a pretty amazing online platform, giving people access to some of the world’s greatest pieces of art and finding creative ways to bring historical art into our modern, technological societyTessFeb 20, 2018
Australian Researchers Develop 3D Printed Clip-On Attachment to Turn Smartphone into Microscope3Dprint.comYou may have read about the team of researchers who, working with an NSF grant, have introduced and made freely available a 3D printable attachment for a cell phone that turns it into a fluorescence microscope. Well, when it rains it pours, because now a group of researchers at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Nanoscale BioPhotonics (CNBP) in Australia have introduced their own 3D printed clip-on attachment that allows anyone with a smartphone to convert it into, you guessed it, a microscope. Their model uses the phone’s built-in flash to illuminate the sample and “enables transmission brightfield and darkfield microscopy on a mobile phone without any externally powered light source or additional illumination optics,” according to CNBP.Hannah Rose MendozaFebruary 20, 2018
Check out this incredible 3D printed topographical map of the USA3Ders.orgReddit user [rittmafat] has created an incredible 3D printed map of the USA, complete with exaggerated topography. The 3D printed model shows the extreme difference in landscape between the East and West.BenedictFebruary 20, 2018
3D print your own DIY thermal camera3ders.orgfully reproducible project that combines 3D printing and electronics. The make, a 3D printed thermal camera, is the perfect DIY project for this winter weekend.TessFeb 18, 2018
Weekend Project: 3D Printing Sticks for PLA Hot Glue Gun


ALL3DPWho needs a 3D printer when you have a hot glue gun? A new Hackaday project from Donald Papp shows us how to use molten PLA filament to glue 3D printed objects together.Tyler KoslowFebruary 18, 2018
Top 10 useful 3D printed accessories for any maker3ders.orgWhile 3D printing can be used to create almost any type of object, sometimes the handiest things to 3D print are for 3D printing itself. Check out some of the best 3D models for improving, organizing, or spiffing up your 3D printing work station.TessFebruary 15, 2018
Missouri students 3D print prosthetic paw for Tucker the Australian shepherd

3ders.orgTucker, an adorable Australian shepherd born with an underdeveloped hind paw, was recently fitted with a 3D printed prosthetic. The prosthetic, which could help the five-year-old dog walk more evenly, was 3D printed by a dedicated team from the University of Missouri.TessFeb 16, 2018
i.materialise introduces new Multicolor+ UV Inkjet 3D printing material

3ders.orgi.materialise, the online 3D printing service of Belgian 3D printing company Materialise, has introduced a new UV Inkjet 3D printing material, Multicolor+. The material purportedly produces strong, full-color 3D printed parts.

BenedictFeb 15, 2018
Cornell's RoMA robotic 3D printing system lets users design 3D objects with AR3ders.orgA team from Cornell University, including researcher Huaishu Peng, has developed a hybrid 3D printing system guided by augmented reality (AR). The innovative system, called the Robotic Modeling Assistant or RoMA for short, enables users to design 3D models in situ using AR technology and have the model 3D printed simultaneously.TessFeb 15, 2018
NASA: 3D printed medical tools could help astronauts stay healthy on eventual Mars mission

3ders.orgA new NASA microbiology project aims to develop 3D printable tools that can handle liquids such as blood samples without spilling in microgravity. The 3D printed instruments will be tested on the International Space Station (ISS), and could be used to keep astronauts healthy.

BenedictFeb 15, 2018
3D4E at UCLA giving 3D printed ukuleles to nearby orphanage3ders.org3D4E at UCLA, a 3D printing student organization and part of 3D4E National, is using 3D printing to make musical instruments such as ukuleles and shakers. The group is passing its 3D printed instruments on to the nearby Maryvale orphanage.BenedictFeb 14, 2018
3D printed skulls to accompany Dippy the dinosaur on UK tour

3ders.orgThe United Kingdom’s most famous dinosaur relic, named Dippy the Diplodocus, is embarking on a nationwide tour which will bring the skeleton to excited museum goers across England and Northern Ireland. The dinosaur skeleton, which has been on display at London’s Natural History Museum since 1979, will be accompanied by a couple of 3D printed skull replicas on its journey.

TessFeb 14, 2018
Mbadika: Black Panther and 3D printing are helping teach kids about STEM

3ders.orgTessFeb 13, 2018
3D scanning gets Stanford students up close & personal with animal bones3ders.orgWith the help of 3D scanning technology, Stanford University Libraries have turned almost 100 animal bones and bone fragments into digital 3D models. The 3D models can be used by zoologists and natural historians for teaching and research. BenedictFeb 8, 2018
Has 3D imaging settled the Queen Nefertiti mystery?3ders.orgHistorians have used 3D imaging technology to reconstruct the face of King Tut's mother. The researchers say the long-unidentified woman, nicknamed the “Younger Lady,” could actually be Queen Nefertiti, the Great Royal Wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten.BenedictFeb 8, 2018
FFF 3D printer company Ultimaker joins GE Additive Education Program3ders.orgDutch FFF 3D printer specialist Ultimaker has joined GE’s Additive Education Program (AEP). Ultimaker, whose Ultimaker 3 3D printer was released in October 2016, joins the program as a sponsor and supplier.BenedictFeb 8, 2018
3D printed reconstruction of 10,000-year-old man's face sparks revelation about ancient Brits3ders.orgThanks to advanced DNA research and 3D printing technologies, we now know what one of the earliest British people looks like. A team from London’s Natural History Museum and University College London has just unveiled a highly realistic 3D model of the famous Cheddar Man.TessFeb 7, 2018
New software from MIT generates 3D printable microstructures with custom mechanical properties3ders.orgResearchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) are at the forefront of new materials design and, according to a recent study, have just made a significant breakthrough that could have an impact on 3D printing.TessFeb 5, 2018
GE Additive now taking 2018 applications for its $10M 3D printing education program

3ders.orgTo mark the beginning of a new year, GE Additive, the 3D printing branch of american multinational GE, has opened the application process for the 2018 cycle of its Additive Education Program (AEP). Schools, colleges, and universities are invited to submit their applications for a chance to get a significant 3D printing-related investment from the company.TessFeb 5, 2018
You can now 3D print Einstein's favorite childhood toy courtesy of LEGO, IKEA and Unilever

3ders.orgKids can now play with Albert Einstein’s childhood toys thanks to the "Open Einstein" 3D scanning and printing initiative led by the Real Play Coalition.TessJan 31, 2018
GlassesUSA and Janne Kyttanen team up to let you 3D print your own glasses at home3ders.orgGlassesUSA, a major online retailer of prescription eyewear, announces the launch of 3D printable glasses. The files, which were designed by renown digital sculptor, Janne Kyttanen, can be 3D printed at home. Consumers will also be able to personalize their frames to reflect their individuality and style.

Jan 30,
MIT's new ColorFab process recolors 3D printed objects after they've been printed3ders.orgA team of researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) has developed a new kind of 3D printable ink that makes it possible to recolor 3D printed objects after printing. The process has been named “ColorFab.”Benedict

Jan 29, 2018
3D printing experiment sheds light on mosquito behavior & biting patterns

3ders.orgWhile swatting away mosquitoes might seem futile, scientists now believe it could ultimately deter mosquitoes from biting you. A recent study published by a team from the University of Washington suggests that mosquitoes have the ability to associate scents with mechanical shocks, and are thus capable of learning what types of odors to avoid.TessJan 26, 2018
Iris van Herpen combines 3D printing & textile in new 'Ludi Naturae' fashion collection

3ders.orgAs dazzling garment after dazzling garment went down the runway at the Galerie de Minérologie et de Géologie in Paris recently, we knew there could only be one designer behind them: Iris van HerpenTessJan 24, 2018
UT Austin students 3D print custom six-string electric violin

3ders.orgViolinist Sean Riley needed a six-string violin to play a particular piece of music. Rather than spend thousands of dollars buying one, the innovative music student at the University of Texas decided to 3D print it.By TessJan 23,2018
Inverse-design and 3D printing combine to create groundbreaking metadevices

3ders.orgAs our technology gets smarter, it also gets smaller. Lately, this trend can be seen across a whole range of systems, from smart cars to cellphones to desktop 3D printers. But what of the entire data-sharing system itself? A group of researchers at Northwestern University have begun to investigate this topic precisely, as seen in a new study published in the academic journal Scientific Reports. Their first conclusions have been nothing short of astonishing.JuliaJan 23, 2018
3D printing helps scientists recreate face of Neolithic girl who lived 9,000 years ago3ders.orgAn interdisciplinary team of medical and archeological specialists recently collaborated to reconstruct the face of a teenage girl who lived roughly 9,000 years ago. The reconstruction, which relied on 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies, suggests that teens from the period looked quite different to teenagers nowadays.TessJan 22, 2018
Morphi Rings in the New Year With New Materials Tool3DPrint.comMorphi, the 3D design app for education, has become increasingly versatile. Over the past year, the Morphi team has integrated AR and VR into the program and integrated it into Apple’s ARKit. They redesigned the user interface, enhanced the 2D to 3D tools, added obj file export, and expanded import and export to include Google Drive, AirDrop, DropBox, as well as a host of other features.Michael A. Parker  January 9, 2018
Amazon Secures Patent for Custom 3D Printing ServiceAll3DPThe E-commerce retailer has finally secured a patent for an idea it started back in 2014. Amazon wants to 3D print products as a service, shipping or holding them for local  pickup.Anne Freier January 7, 2018
Researchers 3D Print Accurate Microfluidic Model of the Blood-Brain BarrierAll3DPItalian researchers have developed 3D bio-hybrid microfluidic models to screen for drugs and assess toxicity of nanoparticles crossing the blood-brain barrier.Anne Freier December 26, 2017
Dutch Designers Transform Algae Into 3D Printable Biopolymer MaterialAll3DPA team of Dutch designers are creating bioplastics and biopolymers made from organic aquatic plant material.Anne Freier December 19, 2017
MIT Self-Assembly Lab Creates Tote Bags & Lamps at Design MiamiAll3DPMIT showcases its rapid liquid printing process at Design Miami, 3D printing tote bags, lamps, and other art objects.Tyler Koslow  December 19, 2017
11-year-old Gitanjali Rao wins $25K for inventing 3D printed device that detects lead levels in water3der.orgAn ambitious seventh grader from Colorado has just been named “America’s top young scientist” for having invented a low-cost 3D printed device that can detect lead in drinking water. The youngster in question, 11-year-old Gitanjali Rao, was also awarded a $25,000 prize along with the title.Tess November 29, 2017
MIT engineers develop 10x faster desktop FFF 3D printer3der.orgEngineers at MIT have developed a laser-assisted FFF 3D printer that prints around 10 times faster than average desktop machines. The new 3D printer’s unusual printhead uses a laser and novel screw mechanism to increase flow rate.Benedict November 29, 2017
Scandinavian researchers turning to cellulose nanofibrils as versatile bio-based 3D printing material3der.orgBio-based materials are becoming more important to 3D printing, for a number of reasons. A major factor is the relatively small impact they have on the environment, as they are sustainable, non-polluting and relatively cheap and safe to produce. They also boast a number of unique properties that set them apart from similar artificial materials. One of the most exciting recent breakthroughs in the bio-material field is cellulose nanofibrils, made from the fundamental building block of plant matter. Sweden's Chalmers University of Technology and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have been experimenting with their use for a variety of different applicationsDavid November 29, 2017
3D Printed Reactor Transforms Greenhouse Gas3DPrintOne suggested way of dealing with the greenhouse gas problem is to capture those gases and put them to other uses, and that’s what researchers at Austria’s University of Graz did with fluoroform, which is a waste product from the production of fluoropolymers such as Teflon. By 3D printing a stainless steel flow reactor, they were able to harness fluoroform and turn it into a synthetic building block.Clare Scott   November 29, 2017
Protecting Coral Reefs through 3D VisualizationsAll3DPResearchers are photographing and 3D mapping coral reefs in order to learn more about how they live, grow, and resist environmental changes.Hanna Watkin   November 28, 2017
Students Develop 3D Printed Assistive Devices for VeteransAll3DPCollege students in Cleveland, Ohio have designed and 3D printed assistive devices for disabled veterans according to their desires.Sean Rohringer  November 27, 2017
Make Your Own Cosmic Particle Detector for Under $100All3DPMIT physicists have created an inexpensive muon detector from off-the-shelf parts and a 3D printed case. Spun off into an outreach program, the Cosmic Watch device is aimed at students.Matthew Mensley November 23, 2017
Innovative 3D Printed Face Mask Gives Sleep Apnea Sufferers Breathing ReliefAll3DPMetamason has created a customized 3D printed face mask for sleep apnea sufferers that’s actually comfortable enough to wear.Anne Freier November 19, 2017
Michelin’s 3D Printed Concept Tire Makes TIME Magazine’s 25 Best Inventions of 2017All3DPMichelin’s airless, connected and environmentally friendly wheel design is one of TIME Magazine’s chosen 25 Best Inventions of 2017. Hanna Watkin  November 19, 2017
Award-Winning UK Educator Launches Online 3D Printing Resource for Teachers3DPrintSometimes all we need to educate the next generation is one determined leader – like Philip Cotton, who was one of the first teachers in the United Kingdom to introduce 3D printing in the classroom.Sarah Saunders  November 17, 2017
Math gets real in strong, lightweight structuresnews.rice.eduEngineers at Rice University used 3D printers to make theoretical schwarzites into physical structures.Mike Williams November 16, 2017
3D Printed Urban Furniture Made from Recycled PlasticAll3DPDesign studio The New Raw — based in Rotterdam — has launched a new initiative called Print Your City! The project leverages large-format 3D printing to transform plastic waste into urban furniture.Bulent Yusuf November 16, 2017
Meshmixer 3.3 Adds and Polishes its 3D Printing FeaturesAll3DPIf you need clean up a 3D scan or make a 3D model ready for 3D printing, Meshmixer can help. The self-proclaimed free “Swiss Army Knife” for 3D meshes is part of the Autodesk software range for several years now and has been constantly updated with new features ever since. Oh, and it’s free, for Windows and MacOS.Anatol Locker  November 15, 2017
Six 3D printed coral reefs installed on Monaco's ocean floor3ders.orgSix artificial reefs printed with a giant 3D-printer using natural products (sand of Dolomite and volcanic ash) have been immersed on November 02 in the Larvotto marine protected area in Monaco. This is a first in the Mediterranean and worldwide by the size of printed reefs ( 2,500 kilos each). This innovative project is supported by the Boskalis Company and the ECOMERS laboratory with the support of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and in partnership with the Association Monégasque pour la Protection de la Nature (Manager of Marine Protected Areas of Monaco).JuliaNovember 6, 2017
Virginia museum uses 3D printed tactile artefacts in 'touch tours' for visually impaired3ders.orgThe Virginia Historical Society (VHS), a Richmond-based museum dedicated to Virginia’s history, has recently embraced 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to give their visually impaired visitors a more dynamic and thorough experience.TessOctober 23, 2017
Wake Forest's 3D bioprinted 'body on a chip' shows how breakthrough cancer drugs affect our organs3ders.orgScientists at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) in North Carolina have used 3D printing to develop a “body-on-a-chip” drug testing system. The system consists of micro “organoid” versions of the heart, lung, and liver.BenedictOctober 9, 2017
Autodesk partners with Unity for VR and AR experiences in 3ds Max and MayaDevelop3DUnity Technologies and Autodesk have announced their collaboration to create ‘a greater link’ between several tools, with Unity the first creation engine with source code access to the Autodesk FBX SDK.Stephen HolmesOctober 9, 2017
Researchers Develop New Type of 3D Printed Wearable Antenna3dprint.comResearchers at NIIST have developed a new kind of wearable antenna 3D printed from a conductive silver ink. It’s flexible and lightweight, and, because it’s silver and not copper, will not oxidize. The bottom electrode on the polyester fabric the antenna was embedded into was 3D printed, as was the E-shaped patch antenna itself. The antenna could be used for a variety of applications, including defense, telemedicine and environmental monitoring.Clare ScottOctober 7, 2017
Morphi 3.0 Introduces New Interface and Features, Including Integration with Apple ARKit for Enhanced Augmented Reality3dprint.comAs 3D printing has become more accessible, it is becoming increasingly important to lower the barriers of entry into 3D design. You don’t have to be a trained 3D modeler or engineer anymore to design your own products. Artists don’t need to immerse themselves in confusing and expensive software. There are even powerful, yet easy-to-use CAD programs available on mobile devices. One of those is Morphi.Michael A. ParkerOctober 6, 2017
GREG ZUMWALT’S 3D PRINTED MECHANICAL MODELS3D Printing Industry You may have seen some of my mechanical 3D printed models in videos, on blogs, at trade shows, or on social media as over the past four years I have designed, printed, tested and published over 100 3D printed models in order to learn about 3D printing, encourage and inspire others to learn how to design and print 3D models of their own, and hopefully to generate smiles.October 6, 2017
PrintDry's new filament containers keep your 3D printing materials dry and organized3ders.orgPrintDry, a Canada-based 3D printing company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its new PrintDry Filament Container. Designed to keep your filaments dry and safe from moisture, the filament containers comes in packs of six for as little as CA$48 ($3.TessOctober 6, 2017
Amazon buys 3D body scanning startup Body Labs for estimated $50-70M3ders.orgInternational online shopping giant Amazon has acquired New York City startup Body Labs, a specialist in 3D body scanning. The deal may have cost between $50 million and $70 million.BenedictOctober 5, 2017
A 3D Printing Pen of a Very Different KindfabbalooThe Yeehaw Wand is a unique AR-powered 3D input device, more akin to a 3D mouse than a 3D printing pen. October 3, 2017
Futurist Christopher Barnatt's review: 3D printing innovations at the TCT Show 20173ders.orgFrom 26 to 28 September 2017, the TCT Show was held in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. The largest such event to date, this showcased the wares and talents of over 250 additive manufacturing organizations, with my video report as below.Christopher BarnattOctober 2, 2017
Go Prosthetics: CU Boulder student develops $300 3D printed prosthetic limbs for amputees3ders.orgA mechanical engineering student at the University of Colorado Boulder is putting his knowledge to use through the development of functional and low-cost prosthetics made with the help of 3D printing technology.TessOctober 2, 2017
Modern Meadow reveals its pioneering 3D bio-printed leather, Zoa3ders.orgA potentially groundbreaking use for 3D bio-printing technology is the ethical production of materials that are made from animals. New Jersey-based startup Modern Meadow specializes in this field, and it has recently completed development of Zoa, a bio-printed leather. The material has a huge range of potential applications for different industries that use leather as part of their manufacturing process.DavidSeptember 29, 2017
Researchers Create 3D Printed Model to Better Understand a Binary Star System Explosion3dprintA team of researchers from the Palermo Astronomical Observatory, the University of Palermo, and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics wanted to get a better understanding of what happens between two stars in a close orbit, or binary star system, when there’s an explosion. So, they turned to 3D printing technology.Sarah Saunders September 20, 2017
Everything You Always Wanted To Know About PolyethylenefabbalooPolyethylene is not the most popular 3D printing material, but with the growing interest in more standard engineering materials over the ABS and PLA thermoplastics that initially fueled the 3D printer boom, “PE” should take its place in the 3D printing workshops of the world, as it has in the non-3D printing world. September 14, 2017
Britt Michelsen's 3D printed double pendulum fidget spinner is chaotic and addictive3Ders.orgGermany-based chemical engineer Britt Michelsen has made a 3D printed double pendulum fidget spinner that she says is extremely addictive to play with. The 3D printed spinner was a Runner Up in the Instructables Fidget Spinner Design Contest.BenedictSeptember 13, 2017
3D Printed Food: Easy as Pie?3DPrintIt’s almost impossible to discuss advances in 3D printing today, particularly in Boston, without mention of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), as the school not only produces well-educated engineers but also delves deep itself into additive manufacturing research.Sarah Anderson GoehrkeSeptember 8, 2017
OBJ File Format – Simply Explained for CAD and 3D PrintingAll3DPThe OBJ file format is one of the most important file formats in 3D printing and 3D graphics applications. It is the preferred format for multicolor 3D printing and is widely used as a neutral interchange format for non-animated 3D models in graphics applications.Dibya ChakravortySeptember 8, 2017
3D Printing: Inside MIT3DPrint3D printed food has caught chefs’, journalists’ and the general public’s attention for a number of years now. There is however a lot of disinformation around the subject as well as confusion. To help clear that up a bit we’re going to be looking at overview post detailing the broad strokes possibilities in 3D printed food.Joris PeelsSeptember 7, 2017
Researchers Use 3D Printed End Plates and Paper Origami Mechanisms to Create Flexible, Inching Robots3DPrintA team of students and professors from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have been working on innovative research that illustrates how they used bio-inspired design and origami structures to make small, crawling robots.Sarah SaundersSeptember 7, 2017
Hybrid 3D Printing Technique Creates Stretchable Wearable Electronics3DPrintJennifer Lewis, Sc.D. of the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University and the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) is an expert in advanced materials and 3D printing, having worked on everything from ceramic foam material to bioprinted kidney subunits. She and her lab partnered with J. Daniel Berrigan, Ph.D. and Michael Durstock, Ph.D. at the US Air Force Research Laboratory to develop a new 3D printing technique for soft electronics, called hybrid 3D printing. The technique combines soft, electrically conductive inks and matrix materials with rigid electronic components into one stretchable device.Clare ScottSeptember 6, 2017
3D Print Lego: Bricks, Heads, Pieces, and MoreAll3DPAre you ever just missing that one Lego piece to complete your creation? Sadly, that’s sometimes the case. But anyone with a 3D printer is in luck because 3D printed Lego bricks are easy to fabricate. They might not be the best fitting pieces in the world, but they will do the trick at least until that missing piece under the couch is found.Franklin HouserSeptember 5, 2017
Doodle3D Announces Version 1.0 for its Online Transform 3D Design App3DPrintIn 2013, the co-founders of the Netherlands-based software company Doodle3D, Nico van Dijk and Rick Companje, launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Doodle3D WiFi-Box, a small device that lets users draw on a tablet and wirelessly send the artwork to a 3D printer. Three years later, the company introduced a new app, called Doodle3D Transform, a splitscreen 2D-to-3D design platform that allows users to easily create their own 3D drawings with a computer, laptop, or tablet; the WiFi-Box connects the app to open source 3D printers, so 3D designing is easier than ever.Sarah SaundersAugust 24, 2017
MIT CSAIL's Interactive Robogami System Makes it Easy to Design and 3D Print Your Own Origami-Inspired Robots3DPrintFor years, researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have been working with 3D printing and robotics, making robots 3D printed in one step and 3D printed robots that can put themselves together. Now, they’ve come up with a unique system for non-experts to design custom 3D printable robots in one sitting. It’s called Interactive Robogami, and simplifies the process, letting users design origami-inspired robots from 2D designs in minutes, and 3D print and assemble the robots in as little as four hours.Sarah SaundersAugust 23, 2017
Four Fierce Female Designers Using Coding to Create3DPrintFourwomen are creating groundbreaking work that is both beautiful and computationally complex. Angela LinnemanAugust 22, 2017
Microsoft Documentary Series Chronicles Young Engineer's Work Toward Affordable 3D Printed Robotic Prosthetics3DPrint We first heard about young self-taught engineer Easton LaChappelle back in 2014, a year after he had the chance to demonstrate his 3D printed robotic prosthetic to then-President Barack Obama at the White House Science Fair.
This post catches up with LaChappelle, now 21.
Sarah Saunders August 21, 2017
3D Print Your Own Levitation Device Courtesy of the University of Bristol3DPrintTinyLev is a 3D printed acoustic levitator capable of suspending small bits of matter like water and paper in mid-air, and the scientists have published instructions so that anyone can make their own.Clare ScottAugust 21, 2017
Telescoping 3D Prints?FabbalooResearchers at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a computational technique that could solve issues in 3D printing and enable entirely new classes of printed parts. August 8, 2017
DIVERSITY IN MAKER EDUCATIONDesign Make TeachJosh shares stories of Makers of Color.Josh AjimaAugust 4, 2017
At Apple's new summer camp, high school kids can build the next big thingThe VergeIn a nondescript Apple office building in Cupertino, California, a group of engineers has spent the past four weeks working feverishly on the next big thing in consumer hardware, prototyping a water-saving shower head, a new version of the Apple Watch, and a “smart” water bottle.Lauren GoodeAugust 4, 2017
Disney’s Compliant Mechanism SystemfabbalooEntertainment giant Disney has published an interesting study on a system they’ve developed to assist in the design of “compliant objects”, which could be very useful in 3D printing.August 4, 2017
FABLEARN: ENTREPRENEURSHIP & SUSTAINABLE MAKERSPACESDesign Make TeachThis Round Table presentation reflects on experiences of winner of US Department of Education’s CTE Makeover Challenge to create a sustainable makerspace through entrepreneurship. Virginia Career and Technical Educations competencies include an Entrepreneurship Infusion Unit that empowered CTE classes to explore using the makerspace to make products for sale. Through this process students and staff identified multiple opportunities to insource the production of items in the makerspace. The revenue from these activities creates a sustainable source of income for makerspace supplies while providing discounted costs to school organizations.Josh AjimaAugust 3, 2017
FABLEARN: 0 THINGS SUBMISSIONDesign Make Teach This Ignite Talk is intended as a call to action for students and educators to design and share 3D models that celebrate diversity, social justice and equality. The talk focuses on author’s personal experiences searching 3D repositories for models to use in an instructional settings. These experiences led to a classroom project with a small group of ELL students to publish models related to National Hispanic Heritage Month. The most important lesson for educators is that the lack of diversity in models and content in maker communities is an opportunity for students to research, design, make and share valuable public products for the world.Josh AjimaAugust 3, 2017
3D Printing Educator Spotlight On: Joshua Pearce, PhD, Associate Professor, Michigan Tech3DPrintDr. Pearce, Associate Professor, Materials Science & Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering, works at Michigan Technological University (Michigan Tech) and is a strong figure standing at the crossroads of 3D printing and education.Sarah Anderson GoehrkeJuly 27, 2017
3D Printing Educator Spotlight On: Megan Finesilver, 2nd Grade Teacher, Speaker and Curriculum Developer, Colorado3DPrint In addition to teaching second grade at Challenge to Excellence Charter School, Megan Finesilver also finds time to speak about 3D printing, help animals in need, and create curriculum so that as many students as possible can learn about 3D printing.Clare Scott July 27, 2017
Penn State and the University of Maryland Offer 3D Printing DegreesAll3DPPenn State and the University of Maryland are offering 3D printing degrees including hands-on approaches to learning about the technologyHanna WatkinJuly 24, 2017
3D Printing Education: Learn to Incorporate 3D Printing in the ClassPinshapeWith 3D printing emerging in schools, there are many teachers left wondering how to integrate 3D printing in their classroom material. We will hear from Jerry Shaw, a lead engineering teacher and curriculum developer at a technical high school on how to approach 3D printing in the classroom.July 17, 2017
University of Georgia uses 3D printing to create arm brace for running back Sony Michel3D Printing IndustryIn a short feature video UGA’s Director of Sports Medicine Ron Courson explains how the brace enabled Michel to return to the field following an injury. The segment documents the production of the device at UGA’s College of Engineering which involved both 3D scanning and 3D printing.Corey ClarkeJuly 13, 2017
5-minute 3D printed bioreactor offers better way to make drugs, booze33ders.orgAlshakim Nelson and fellow chemists at Seattle’s University of Washington have developed a 3D printed, yeast-based bioreactor that can keep on fermenting for months at a time. Nelson’s team built a 3D printer specifically for the purpose of fabricating such bioreactors.Corey ClarkeJuly 7, 2017
3D Printing Educator Spotlight On: Jacek Kawalek, High School Teacher and 3D Printing Expert, Poland3DPrintWhile Poland is home to several successful 3D printing companies, the country’s school system has no official 3D printing curriculum at the high school level, and that’s what Kawałek, an IT teacher at Henryk Sienkiewicz Technical High School in Kołobrzeg, Poland, is striving to change.Clare Scott July 7, 2017
3D Printed “Third Thumb” Extends Natural AbilitiesAll3DPRoyal College of Art graduate Dani Clode creates 3D printed wearable third thumb to extend the natural abilities of users. Tyler KoslowJuly 5, 2017
Teenage Girls Invent Solar-Powered Tent for Homeless with 3D Printing


A group of teenage girls from San Fernando are learning about engineering while developing a solar-powered tent for homeless people.Hanna WatkinJuly 5, 2017
This 3D printed hexapod robot can handle all types of uneven terrain3ders.orgA Norwegian engineer by the name of Kåre Halvorsen (also known by his alias “Zenta”), is pioneering a 3D printed hexapod robot that can crawl over remarkably uneven ground. Featuring a unique spider-inspired design, the MX-Phoenix relies on 6 legs and a whopping 18 different motors.JuliaJuly 5, 2017
3D Printing Educator Spotlight On: Jayda Pugliese, 5th Grade Teacher with a STEAM-Focused Classroom, Philadelphia3DPrintJayda Pugliese is a young—and already award-winning—teacher who can serve not only as an inspiration to the fifth-graders she is teaching, but also to the rest of the world. The learning in Ms. Pugliese’s class is top-notch, with math students progressing impressively, and many working above their grade levels overall. Bridget Butler MillsapsJuly 5, 2017
3D printed heart valve could improve heart surgeries of the future3D Printing IndustryGeorgia Institute of Technology researchers, together with the Piedmont Heart Institute, have created a patient-specific heart valve model using a 3D printer.Corey ClarkeJuly 5, 2017
Georgia Tech's 3D printed heart valve models could help cardiologists perform valve replacements3ders.orgResearchers at Georgia Institute of Technology and the Piedmont Heart Institute are using patient-specific 3D printed heart valve models to improve the success rate of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedures. Their aim is to avoid the problem of paravalvular leakageBenedictJuly 4, 2017
Types of Heating Enclosures for 3D Printers To Prevent Warping3D PrintingOne of the difficulties of FFF printing is retaining the heating factors that allow for a successful print. While high-end printers are precise in this regard, not everyone can be quite as lucky. Thus, many enterprising users resort to the use of heating enclosures.July 4, 2017
Designer creates eye-catching metallic Egyptian figurines using simple 3D printed plastic molds3ders.orgD printing hobbyists are increasingly finding themselves spoilt for choice when it comes to affordable, good quality FFF printers, but 3D printing with metallic materials is still something that is prohibitively expensive. One designer recently came up with a neat solution to this problem, by 3D printing PVA molds that could then be used to cast objects with a metallic fluid. Her method achieved some great results, creating a range of impressively detailed figurines with an antique metallic look and feel.DavidJuly 4, 2017
Henry Segerman 3D prints elaborate sculptures with weird symmetries as a way to visualize the 4th dimension3ders.orgA mathematician at Oklahoma State University has been expanding 3D printing technology itself into a whole new dimension. He published a paper on the different kinds of symmetry of physical objects, explaining the ‘quaternion’ group as a particular symmetry group. He goes on to explain how 3D printed objects can be used to demonstrate the symmetrical possibilities of so-called ‘four-dimensional’ objects.DavidJuly 4 , 2017
Mexican students use 3D printer to create synthetic bone implant3D Printing IndustryStudents from Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) in Puebla, Mexico have used a 3D printer to create scaffolds for synthetic bone material. The synthetic material promotes bone growth and the team used computer algorithms to develop the 3D printed scaffolds.Corey ClarkeJuly 4, 2017

3D printers will change manufacturing

The EconomistSceptics doubt the technology can be used for mass production. Just waitJun 29th 2017
DARPA to push limits of CAD design with multimillion dollar research program3D Printing IndustrySiemens, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Michigan State University (MSU) and PARC have been chosen to work on DARPA’s TRAansformative DESign (TRADES) research program.

The goal of TRADES is to develop a new digital modeling program that expands the limits of current computer aided design (CAD). TRADES technology will facilitate the creation of more complex objects, optimized for rapid “design-to-manufacturing” through 3D printing and other digital techniques.

Beau JacksonJune 29, 2017
Autodesk integrates Project Dreamcatcher into Netfabb 2018 with generative design3D Printing IndustryStarting later this year Autodesk’s Netfabb will incorporate generative design technology that was previously part of Project Dreamcatcher.Corey ClarkeJune 28, 2017
Student creates physical interface for 3D modelling: TAC.TILES3D Printing IndustryBelgian product design student Simon Van Pottelbergh has designed a physical interface for 3D modelling and 3D printing called ‘TAC.TILES’.Corey ClarkeJune 28, 2017
The curve of 3D printing: Austrian researchers pioneering self-actuating objects3ders.orgA group of Austrian computer scientists associated with of the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST) are pioneering the development of self-actuating free-form objects: flat 2D templates that, upon release, transform themselves into a 3D version.JuliaJune 28, 2017
Is 3D printing safe? UL publishes Safety Science of 3D Printing3D Printing IndustryPublished as the proceedings of the Safety Science of 3D Printing Summit held in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this year, the authors “hope this exchange of information will enable more collaborative discussions, research, innovation, informed policy advancement, and science based initiatives leading to the safe of use 3D printers.”

The short answer to the question, Is 3D printing safe?


Michael PetchJune 27, 2017
How MIT’s ultimate origami algorithm is unlocking the potential of 3D printers3D Printing IndustryThe algorithm is the result of 20 years of work. By applying this theory to sheets of other materials, e.g. PLA, ABS and Nylon, the algorithm may have potential to enhance the possibilities of 3D printed objects, including self-assembling 4D printing.Beau JacksonJune 27, 2017
New 3D printing software for designing functional mechanical objects3D Printing IndustryResearchers at the Institute of Science and Technology (IST) Austria have developed a software system to design functional, mechanical objects for 3D printing. The software allows users to create and redesign fully 3D printed objects with the use of mechanical templates and desired shapes.

The researchers collaborated with Adobe Research to develop the software system which is set to be presented this summer at the SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles. American software company Adobe has already made steps into 3D software and recently launched its cloud based software platform, Project Felix to combine 2D and 3D images.

Corey ClarkeJune 23, 2017
Michelin unveils airless 3D-printed tires that last virtually foreverInhabitatThe future of tire technology is rolling into reality, thanks to Michelin’s Vision tire. The 3D-printed tire does not need to be inflated, and it’s designed to last through the entire lifetime of a vehicle. It’s also equipped with high-tech sensors and it’s 100% biodegradable to boot.Greg BeachJune 20, 2017
Gender fluidity meets 3D printing with ingenious motorized bathroom sign3ders.orgWhen it comes to LGBT issues and ideas of gender fluidity, 3D printing technology has traditionally had, at best, a neutral stance. As useful as additive manufacturing processes can be for various industries, they’re definitely not the first thing you think of as agents of social progress. However, a politically motivated project recently posted on Instructables by a hobbyist could be about to change all that, hopefully for the better. It’s a 3D printed bathroom sign, that switches back and forth between the male ‘Gentlemen’ symbol and the female ‘Ladies’ symbol every 15 seconds.DavidJune 18, 2017
MIT Produces 4D Shapeshifting Printed Pasta3D Printing4D printing and food printing are about to collide. MIT’s Tangible Media Group has developed pasta that reacts folds into various shapes when in contact with heat and water. While all pasta does this to some extent, this particular type reacts with a pre-designed and “programmed” design. The pasta is flat but takes wild shapes when boiled.AuthorJune 1, 2017
3D Printing The Next Five Years by René Gurka CEO and co-founder of BigRep3D Printing IndustryThe future of 3D printing is a series of thought leadership articles written by additive manufacturing experts and 3D printing industry insiders.René GurkaMay 31, 2017
State University of New York offers first of its kind Summer Additive Manufacturing Institute3D Printing IndustrySUNY New Paltz, NY, is to a hold a Summer Additive Manufacturing Institute for professionals July 31 – August 4 2017. Beau JacksonMay 30, 2017
3D printed food could soon help dysphagia suffererswww.3ders.orgAs 3D printed food looms ever larger on the horizon, an Australian researcher is looking into the medical benefits of the phenomenon—and she’s already come up with some unexpected findings. Dr. Aarti Tobin is Team Leader for the Meat Science team at the Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Brisbane, Australia, where her research focuses on the role of 3D printed food for dysphagia sufferers.JuliaMay 30, 2017
3D Printing Architecture Models for Beginners: A Guide


3D printing has become an interesting alternative when it comes to building architecture models. Learn how to easily 3D print architectural models.Max GicklhornMay 30, 2017
Open Bionics Samantha Payne Helps Disabled Kids Become Superheroe


sWe talk to Open Bionics co-founder Samantha Payne about 3D printed prosthetics, turning kids into superheroes, and the value of open source.Tyler KoslowMay 30, 2017
High School Students Make Robot Subs with 3D Printing


The robotics team at Carl Hayden High School — otherwise known as Falcon Robotics — are using 3D printing to make super awesome robot subs.Bulent YusufMay 30, 2017
Researchers Print Conch Shells To Examine ToughnessAll3DPMIT researchers are using 3D printing technology to explore the secret behind the toughness of conch shellsTyler KoslowMay 29, 2017
Additive Manufacturing: Complete Overview & IntroductionAll3DPWant to learn more about using industrial additive manufacturing? Here's a breakdown of the different technologies, applications, companies, and services.Tyler KoslowMay 29, 2017
MIT researchers 3D print shape-shifting noodles in bizarre culinary research projectwww.3ders.orgResearchers at MIT’s Tangible Media Group have devised a method for 3D printing food that changes shape before you eat it. They say the weird shape-shifting food is also easier to store and transport.BenedictMay 26,2017
Canada's University of Waterloo building one of world's largest academic 3D printing facilitieswww.3ders.orgThe University of Waterloo, a “top innovation university” in Ontario, Canada, has just been given 8.9 million CAD in federal funding to develop its additive manufacturing lab. The facility will focus on improving metal 3D printing with sensors, quality assurance software, and machine intelligence.BenedictMay 25,2017
3D printed fashion gets a helping hand with ShareCloth design software3D Printing IndustryShareCloth, a computer software company headquartered in Moscow, has announced the forthcoming release of an app to help designers create 3D printed garments. The ShareCloth app has been developed by the company in a bid to provide “an easy fix” for 3D garment design and encourage more fashion designers to make the most of the technology.Beau JacksonMay 25, 2017
3D printed running suit keeps athletes cool with programmed smart bacteria3D Printing IndustryA collaboration between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the National University of Singapore and New Balance Athletics has developed a self-cooling running suit and shoes with the use of 3D printing.Beau JacksonMay 25, 2017
Intentional defects could save your 3D printing files from cyber theft, NYU researchers saywww.3ders.orgA group of researchers at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering has found a way to prevent 3D printing hacks and cyber theft. By deliberately embedding flaws in CAD files, the researchers say they can combat intellectual property theft.BenedictMay 24,2017
Best Fidget Spinner Bearings: What to Know & Which to BuyAll3DPLooking for the best fidget spinner bearings? Check out our guide to the best bearings and how to make your spinner spin the longest.Matthew MensleyMay 18, 2017
G-Code Tutorial for Beginners: Improve Your 3D Printing Skills


G-code is the language used by computers to communicate with 3D printers. In this short tutorial, you’ll learn to understand all its commands.Dibya ChakravortyApril 28,  2017
Using 3D Printed Bolus for Effective Cancer Treatment


Cancer patients at Banner Health’s NCMC Oncology Department will receive 3D printed precise molds, called bolus, for radiation treatment. Hanna WatkinApril 28,  2017
MIT’s Autonomous Construction Rig 3D Prints Affordable Homes


MIT researchers are developing an autonomous construction rig that uses 3D printing and robotics to quickly create structures.Hanna WatkinApril 27,  2017
MIT’s Autonomous Construction Rig 3D Prints Affordable Homes


MIT researchers are developing an autonomous construction rig that uses 3D printing and robotics to quickly create structures.Hanna WatkinApril 27,  2017
Scientists Develop Erasable Ink for 3D Printing Nanostructures


Scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are developing a process that uses direct laser writing to create tiny prints using erasable ink.Hanna WatkinApril 26,  2017
Furniture of the Future Made with Rapid Liquid Printing and Drawn in Gel


Steelcase, MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab and designer Christophe Guberan have developed a speedy and scalable rapid liquid printing method. Hanna WatkinApril 25,  2017
Students Develop 3D Printed Eco-Sneakers You Can Customize


Polish students developed eco-friendly shoes for their graduation project using a 3D printer and now hope to start a dedicated business. Hanna WatkinApril 21,  2017
Duke University Develops 3D Printable Hydrogel for Menisci Implants


Duke University researchers have developed a hydrogel which can be used for printing meniscus implants, perfect for easing aching knees.Hanna WatkinApril 20,  2017
Kickstart a 3D Printed Cora Ball and Help Save the Oceans


Prototyped with 3D printing on an Ultimaker 2+, the Cora Ball is designed to stop microfibres from your laundry leeching into the ocean.Bulent YusufApril 20,  2017
NASA Develops Functional “Space Fabric” With Metal 3D Printing


NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is developing 3D printed woven metal fabrics to use within astronaut suits and large antennas.Tyler KoslowApril 19,  2017
Scientists use Martian dust to 3D print toolsInhabitatFood and transportation aren’t the only aspects of a mission to Mars scientists must consider. Limited cargo space means to obtain tools or similar items, astronauts may need to make use of resources available on the red planet – like dirt. Four Northwestern University researchers were recently able to utilize a Martian dust simulant to 3D print building blocks and tools. Lacy Cooke April 19,  2017
Preserving the Endangered Lemur with 3D Scanning and X-Rays


The Duke Lemur Center is using 3D scanning and micro-computed tomography to preserve lemurs. And the files may soon be publicly accessible.Hanna WatkinApril 18,  2017
These Shape-Shifting 4D Objects Transform with Heat


Researchers from several institutions have developed shape-shifting 4D prints which can permanently transform when heated up.Hanna WatkinApril 18,  2017
Scientists Print Artificial Coral to Rescue Great Barrier Reef


Scientists at the University of Sydney are developing virtual 3D maps of the Great Barrier Reef to print artificial replacements.Tyler KoslowMarch 31,  2017
New MakeVR Modeling App Allows for 3D Printing VR Designs


Bringing powerful design tools to your fingertips, MakeVR has launched on HTC’s Viveport app store. Best of all, you can export your designs for 3D printing.Matthew MensleyMarch 27,  2017
3D printed 'OpenScope' is your ticket to affordable digital night vision


Instructables user MattGyver92, an architecture visualization specialist, has designed a 3D printed monocular night vision device. The device, dubbed OpenScope, features an adjustable camera, LED, and 3D printed enclosure.BenedictMarch 11, 2017
Devin Montes tells us how to Make Anything3P Printing IndustryDevin Montes is gathering a huge following on YouTube with his Make Anything account, posting DIY 3D printing videos and with one of his projects amassing over 3 million views.Corey ClarkeMarch 10, 2017
MIT Researchers Create New Cellulose 3D Printing Process and Print Antimicrobial Surgical Tool3DPrintNew 3D printing materials are constantly being developed, as scientists strive to come up with material that’s stronger, more versatile, more sustainable, etc. Materials development isn’t a simple process, but it helps when you’re working with a resource that’s as readily attainable as cellulose – the “most abundant organic polymer in the world,” says MIT postdoc Sebastian Pattinson.Claire ScottMarch 6, 2017
As 3D printing grows, so does need to reclaim plastic wasteBerkeley NewsPanditi and Silva, who work for the Student Environmental Resource Center, and Ph.D. student Mickey Clemon are leading the 3D Printer Filament Reclamation Project to decrease the amount of plastic waste made by 3D printers on campus. They’re creating a campuswide system that takes used 3D printer plastic, grinds it up, melts it down and produces a new spool of plastic that can be used again in the campus’s 3D printers.Anne BriceFebruary 15, 2017
TANNER'S STORY: 3D PRINTING FOR GOODMatterHackersPaul Yanzick, our February Hacker of the Month, reminds us that 3D printing can be used to impact the lives of others, including his son, Tanner.Paul YanzickFebruary 10, 2017
3D printed robotic fish unlocks secrets of the brain3DPrintingIndustryA collaborative research team from the Tandon School of Engineering in New York and the Politecnico di Torino in Turin have 3D printed a multi-material robotic zebrafish. The robo-fish mimics the behavior of its natural counterparts, blending in with the aim of discovering more about the complex lives of fish which in turn has implications for the non-aquatic realm.Beau JacksonFebruary 8, 2017

Josh describes a number of ideas for articles and designs that he was able to publish before uploading this post.

Pioneer Josh AjimaJanuary 14, 2017
Technique enables adaptable 3-D printing

Once fabricated, objects can be altered by adding new polymers

MIT NewsMIT chemists have now developed a 3-D printing technique that allows them to print objects and then go back and add new polymers that alter the materials’ chemical composition and mechanical properties. These new polymers can be reactivated by light.Anne TraftonJanuary 13, 2017
30 Types of 3D Printer Filament – Guide & Comparison ChartAll3DP

Guide to 30 great 3D printer filament types and a handy comparison chart. Learn about PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, Flexible, and 25 more types of 3D filament.

All3DPJanuary 3, 2017
How to keep your filament feeding for a successful 2017!!!ProtoPastaDoes your printer stop extruding on the first layer or maybe later in a print? Does your machine print inconsistently with missing cross-sections?  Does it fail on intricate cross-sections?  If your extruder gear ever grinds or slips or your filament, you’ll want to read this post.Alex DickJanuary 1, 2017
Design Company HUSH Creates Web-Based Tool 'TopoTopo,' Users Can Create and Print 3D Topographical Puzzles3D PrintDesign company HUSH has a new web-based tool, TopoTopo, that lets you enter a location and create a 3D topographical model of the place that can be turned into a puzzle and 3D printed!Sarah SaundersDecember 16, 2016
University of Glasgow Receives £2.8 Million to Develop 3D Printed Bone for Landmine Survivors3D PrintFind a Better Way, a foundation set up by football legend Sir Bobby Charlton to aid landmine survivors and reduce casualties, granted the £2.8 million to the university for the purpose of developing 3D printed bone for survivors of landmine blasts. Landmines, though responsible for thousands of deaths, are designed specifically to maim, leaving victims often missing limbs or parts of limbs and requiring reconstructive surgery. Clare Scott   December 16, 2016
America Makes and ANSI Release Preliminary Final Draft of Additive Manufacturing Standardization Roadmap for Public Feedback3D PrintAMSC’s focus is on developing a roadmap to identify the standards needed in the Additive Manufacturing industry and on coordinating a clear approach to the development process. This week, it released the preliminary final draft of the AMSC Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing (Version 1.0) to the public for review and comment. Clare Scott   December 16, 2016
Free 3D Modeling Tool and Platform VECTARY Launches First Public Beta3D PrintVECTARY, founded in 2014, with a goal of democratizing 3D modeling and supporting its makers and designers while helping them reach their full potential in the vast world of 3D modeling and printing, releases public beta.Sarah Saunders December 15, 2016
Spanish Surgeons Use Patient-Specific 3D Printed Surgical Instruments3D PrintCardiovascular surgeons are now employing 3D printed surgical instruments during extracorporeal surgery interventions thanks to work created by cardiovascular surgeon Ignacio Díaz de Tuesta.Bridget Butler MillsapsDecember 9, 2016
How a 3D Printed Robot Can Teach Kids to Code3D PrintAt Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, computing engineer Zivthan Dubrovsky and his team have observed that formative experiences known as sparks help to determine whether students will become interested in coding as a lifetime endeavor. To help grade schools provide this spark, the Wyss team created a 3D printed robot that presents coding in a fun way that makes students eager to learn.Patricia Dimick December 8, 2016
3D Printing and Forensic Reconstruction Put to Work in Ohio Cold Case3D PrintDetectives turned to the Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), after all other leads, even DNA, turned cold seven months after the woman was found. The BCI, in turn, teamed up with The Ohio State University, to use a 3D printer to craft a model of the woman’s skull.Sarah SaundersDecember 9, 2016
Pasta Gets Smart! Barilla Launches Second 3D Design Contest for 3D Printable Pasta Shapes3D PrintIf you missed your chance to come up with your own pasta designs in 2014, now you have another chance!Clare Scott December 8, 2016
Pupils design products at the Create Education Forrest Hills STEM eventCREATE EducationIn November 2016, the Create Education Project hosted a STEM event at the stunning Forrest Hills venue at Lancaster University. The morning session was attended by 120 Year 5 and 6 pupils from 4 local primary schools.Sonya HortonDecember 7, 2016
A Parrotlet in 3D Printed Goggles Just Proved Researchers Wrong About the Aerodynamics of Bird Flight3D PrintSometimes science can be really, really adorable – while teaching us important things, as well. While putting tiny goggles on a small parrot may seem to be good for nothing more than creating the next viral YouTube hit – a worthy goal in itself – researchers at Stanford University had a much bigger objective in mind when they trained a parrotlet named Obi to fly around while wearing a pair of miniature goggles.Clare Scott December 6, 2016
Object of the Week: Mug Christmas Cookie Cutters by FaberdasheryCREATE Education“Object of the Week” is a fully resourced open-ended classroom project developed by the Create Education Project to provide regular opportunities throughout the year for students to explore the world of 3D printing. This week features some fun Christmas themed objects.Create Education Project, created by Sonya HortonDecember 5, 2016
Create a Snowman Christmas Decoration in 123DesignCREATE EducationAs Christmas approaches now is the time to start thinking about the festive season. Why not develop and test out your 3D design skills to create some festive 3D printed decorations, such as this cute snowman decoration.Contributed by Alastair Jennings, created by Sonya HortonDecember 1, 2016
3D printing at University of Richmond’s tribute to World War II veterans3D Printing IndustryThis December Virginia Commonwealth University’s Virtual Curation Laboratory (VCL) will demonstrate its 3D scanning techniques, and display 3D printed WWII facsimiles at the University of Richmond’s tribute to World War II veterans on December 8.Beau JacksonNovember 29, 2016
Around the World in 80 Models: MontesaSketchfabHop on board as we continue our journey Around the World in 80 Models! We began our itinerary at Sketchfab headquarters in New York and are working our way through Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South America, and North America. To catch up on past destinations, check out the rest of the Around the World in 80 Models series.Cultural HeritageNovember 28, 2016
A hands-on approach to chemistry with 3D printed molecules3D Printing IndustryDr. Anthony Williams of the National Center of Computational Toxicology and the Environmental Protection Agency in the US, has developed a JMol searchable database of over 30,000 3D printable crystal models for use in education.Beau JacksonNovember 28, 2016
Robotic construction project wins innovation prize for 3D printing building3D Printing IndustrySwiss researchers working at the “Swiss MIT” have created a new technique for concrete construction using robotics and metal mesh.Corey ClarkeNovember 25, 2016
3D-Fuel Turns Trash into Treasure with New Landfillament 3D Printing Filament3D PrintMore and more companies are emerging with new methods for transforming plastic waste into 3D printer filament. One of the original, and still one of the most creative, eco-friendly material manufacturing companies is 3DomFuel (more commonly called 3D-Fuel), which earlier this year merged into a conglomerate of the original 3D-Fuel and the former 3Dom.Clare ScottNovember 22, 2016
Create Your Own Custom 3D Printed StampPinshapeIn this tutorial, we’ll be making a simple stamp that you can customize with your name or logo. We’ll be using the 3D design software Onshape, which is free for hobbyist use. PinshapeNovember 22, 2016
The Critical Importance of Cooling During Plastic 3D PrintingFabalooThere’s often much discussion of heating issues in 3D printing, but there’s another thermal dimension to consider: cooling. General FabbNovember 22, 2016
A Combination of Tools to Fix BAD STL 3D Print FilesFabalooHave you ever had a “bad” STL file? I certainly have. Fixing them is often a tricky business.  General FabbNovember 21, 2016
3D Printing: Shape, Check! Function, Not So MuchFabalooWhat happens when you can actually produce any arbitrary shape on demand?   General FabbNovember 18, 2016
iPad 3D scanning puts modeling and design in the hands of the masses3D Printing IndustryColorado based startup Occipital Inc. have just unveiled a new iPad app, Canvas, that will enable an iPad to be transformed into a fully functioning 3D scanner.Corey ClarkeNovember 18, 2016
Northeastern University’s 3D printer unlocks secrets of the heart3D Printing IndustryUnder the direction of new associate professor Guohao Dai, the Department of Bioengineering at Northeastern University Mass. is one step closer to The 3D Printed Heart.Beau JacksonNovember 18, 2016
Onshape Switches Up Subscription Options, Unlimited Docs, Pushes for ProFabalooAs of this week, Onshape is offering a new 21-day Pro plan trial with no storage limits, unlimited private Documents and full CAD-crafting features.  SOLIDSMACK.COMNovember 17, 2016
Visualizing physical activity through 3D printing to get children moving more and sitting lessCREATE EducationRead about a multidisciplinary research team using 3D printing and working with Sport, Exercise and Health Scientists, Computer Scientists, Arts and Humanities academics to help aid children’s understanding and interpretations of the importantance of physical activity. The research is titled 3D Printing Children’s Physical Activity.CREATE Education  November 16 2016
3D printed filters bring more drinking water to Mexico3D Printing IndustryResearchers from the Sonora Institute of Technology have decided to do something about it by performing reverse-osmosis with the help of 3D printed filters.Beau JacksonNovember 16, 2016
Visualizing physical activity through 3D printing to get children moving more and sitting lessCREATESwansea University has put together a multidisciplinary research team involving Sport, Exercise and Health Scientists, Computer Scientists and Arts and Humanities academics. As a team they are collectively working on a novel concept involving 3D printing, to help aid children’s understanding and interpretations of how important physical activity is for staying healthy. The research is titled 3D Printing Children’s Physical Activity.CREATE EducationNovember 16, 2016
3D Modelling with Purple Mash 2Design & MakeCREATEPurple Mash is a very popular software solution used in many Early Years and Primary School settings across the UK and internationally. This online software suite includes a 3D modeling tool called 2Design and Make. Sonya Horton,content contributed by2simple.comNovember 15, 2016
Accessible 3D modelling software for the very youngCREATEA collection of software and apps that the Create Education team have become aware of that may be worth exploring with younger children. Sonya HortonNovember 15, 2016
Students Code & Create Wearable Technology at Corelli CollegeCreateStudents taking part in the project developed a range of practical skills including creating custom circuits using Arduino LilyPads, programming LEDs and sensors through Arduino IDE microprocessors, and developing and printing 3D models.Sonya HortonNovember 10, 2016
Teaching Blind Students with 3-D PrintsScientific AmericanThe technology turns abstract ideas into tactile teaching aids for the visually impairedJoan Horvath and Rich CameronNovember 9, 2016
How to Decide Which 3D Printer To BuyPinshapeThis guide will give you some of the top things to keep in mind when deciding on a 3D printer. We’ll go through details like resolution, material capability, and cost so you can find the machine that’s right for you.PinshapeNovember 9, 2016
The Essential Guide to 3D Printing: 101 Questions AnsweredAll3DPEverything you ever wanted to ask on 3D printing, 3D printers, 3D modeling, slicing software, 3D printer filaments and much more.Franklin HouserNovember 8, 2016
NASA PUTS ITS 3D MODELS UP ON GITHUBHackadayNASA has a bunch of its 3D models up on GitHub, and if you didn’t know about it before, you do now. It’s a ridiculously large download, at over one and a half jiggabytes, but it’s full of textures and high-resolution models of spacecraft, landing sites, and other random NASA ephemera.Elliot WilliamsNovember 8, 2016  
FAIL OF THE WEEK: UPCYCLING FAILED 3D PRINTSHackadayIs it possible to recycle failed 3D prints? As it turns out, it is — as long as your definition of “recycle” is somewhat flexible. After all, the world only needs so many coasters.Dan MaloneyNovember 8, 2016  
Protoprint Tackles Poverty & Pollution with Recycled Plastic FilamentAll3DPSustainability

Protoprint is a social enterprise empowering waste pickers in urban India and turning recycled plastic into filament for your 3D printer.

Hanna WatkinNovember 8, 2016
Optimize 3D printed layer thicknesses with Autodesk's free VariSlice open workflow3der.orgVariSlice™ is Autodesk's open workflow for automatically slicing STL files at variable layer heights. AlecNovember 7, 2016
Human ears and eagle beaks: 10 amazing items created by 3D printersPC WorldThe first thing printed on a 3D printer was rather boring—an eyewash cup printed by the inventor of 3D printing, Chuck Hull, in 1983. Since then, the process has been used to create prosthetics for humans and animals, unique candy designs, musical instruments and even human tissue, such as ears. Michelle DavidsonNovember 7, 2016
Troubleshooting Guide to 15 Common 3D Printing ProblemsAll3DP3D printing

Frustrated with Fused Filament Fabrication? Read the 3D printer troubleshooting guide to the most common 3D printing problems and their solutions.

Alastair JenningsNovember 7, 2016
THE MARS MEDICAL CHALLENGEFuture EngineersIf you are a K-12 student in the United States, your challenge is to create a digital 3D model of an object that could be used by an astronaut to maintain physical health on a 3-year mission to Mars. Your design must be intended to be 3D printed and could be used for a range of medical needs including diagnostic, preventative, first-aid, emergency, surgical, and/or dental purposes.Future EngineersEnds January 25, 2017
TONY THE PINBALL WIZARD 3D PRINTS FULL SIZED PINBALL MACHINEHackadayTony] has designed and 3D printed a full-sized pinball machine and it’s absolutely incredible. And by 3D-printed, we mean 3D-printed! Even the spring for the plunger printed plastic.Gerrit CoetzeeNovember 6, 2016
DTTO EXPLORER MODULAR ROBOT WINS 2016 HACKADAY PRIZEHackadayDtto, a modular robot designed with search and rescue in mind, has just been named the winner of the 2016 Hackaday Prize. In addition to the prestige of the award, Dtto will receive the grand prize of $150,000 and a residency at the Supplyframe Design Lab in Pasadena, CA.Mike SzczysNovember 5, 2016
Is Your 3D Print Model Watertight? Part 2: Solid InspectorMaster 3D visuals with DanielTal.comThe SketchUp Solid Inspector extension can solve front-back face problems, as well as other issues that prevent a model from being printer-ready.Bonnie RoskesNovember 4, 2016
You Can 3D Print Your Own Mini Universespace.comResearchers at the Imperial College London have created the blueprints for 3D printing the universe, and have provided the instructions online so anyone with access to a 3D printer can print their own miniature universe. Hanneke WeiteringNovember 1, 2016
HOW TO STOP FILAMENT WARPING IN 3D PRINTED PARTSMatterHackersWith these tips and tricks, warped parts will be a thing of the past. Here is a guide to eliminate warped parts by using a few learned secrets and diving into brims and footprints.Scott CahoonOctober 24, 2016
Design For Disability: 3D Imaging, Hands For Haiti, And The Enable Hand Build @ Comcast Collaboration StudioDESIGN ENLIGHTENED CLINICIANStudents explore a functional use for #D printing via a design/process that has been perfected in the thousands of iterations and prints by the Enable community.Rob PuglieseOctober 7, 2016
3D printed tactile picture books entertain and teach visually impaired children3ders.orgIn 2014, we covered a heartwarming story about 3D printing being used to design and create additively manufactured picture books for children with visual impairments. Now, just a couple years later, the people behind the 3D printed tactile picture book are still hard at work and have created a number of stunning and open source 3D printed children’s stories.TessFebruary 9, 2016