Contributed by
Adam Schaeffer

Age group: K-1st grade
Duration: 1 hour

Objective: Students will be able to express an understanding of parts and components and how several separate components can comprise one object.

Warm up: Students will be given paper and colored pencils and asked to draw a robot. Rules for the robot: It must have at least three different components/parts, have a specific function, have a name. Students will be invited to share and explain their robot designs, volunteers only.

Main Activity: Instructor will guide students through the uploading and arrangement/assembly of components for several different robots on Thingiverse in TinkerCAD.

BB-8 Star Wars Ball Droid remix for Sphero (or just as a stand alone toy)
BMO - Adventure Time
C3PO printable figure

Takeaways: Instructor will create a short video of the students assembled models that is internet accessible so they they can share their work with their friends and family. Instructor will print out one copy of each to display in the classroom.

WrapUp/Reflection: Informally quiz students on the definition of a part/component and its function. Ask students to describe why creating things in stages and assembling them rather than building all at once is useful.