You can earn badges and points, based on your level of engagement. They illustrate your level of expertise within our community.

How to earn points

By interacting and participating with the community you can earn points, become a 3D printing expert, grow in level and unlock special privileges.

Posts: 20 points per 100 posts

Receiving likes: 20 points per 100 likes


  • 10 points after 1 year
  • 20 points after 2 years
  • 30 points after 3 years and etc.


  • Featured: 50 points

    When your 3D print makes it to become featured in our menu, dashboard and mentioned in a tweet because it generated the most likes you will receive the Featured badge.

  • Cura Contributor: 50 points

    You’ll be awarded with this badge when you have contributed to the Cura ecosystem. This can be done by participating in a beta-test cycle or uploading contributions to our github repository.

  • Brainiac: 100 points

    This is awarded when you have given 25 ‘Best Answers’ or more.

  • Community Author: 100 points

    There is a lot of knowledge in our community, and we love sharing! The best contributions are the ones that allow everyone to learn from each other. Our forum and resource pages are available as a platform for tutorials and documentations. Once your work is published on our resource pages or blog you’ll be awarded with this badge.

  • Superstar: 100 points

    We should all take pride in the things we create. Our Superstar badge, which is awarded for your featured amazing work. It gives you the recognition you deserve when getting featured in an Ultimaker story or blog post.

  • Friend of Ultimaker: 100 points

    We consider all members of our community to be valued friends. Sadly, it’s not possible to meet everyone in real life. Occasionally, however, the opportunity does arise, and when we meet you in person (at a show or visit to HQ etc.), you’ll be awarded the Friend of Ultimaker badge.

  • Likable Guy: 200 points

    All Ultimaker’s community members are great. When you receive over 200 likes, we figure you must be doing something particularly good, so we award you the Likeable Guy badge!   

  • Ultimaker Inventor: 350 points

    Being open has lots of benefits. One of the main advantages is that it allows community members with unique, specialized needs to modify their 3D printer. Often these modifications surface in the community and sometimes, they skyrocket and become widely adopted. When you have made and shared a popular modification, you will forever be known as an Ultimaker Inventor.


  • 0-10 ‘Just getting started’
  • 11-20 ‘3D printing enthusiast’
  • 21-30 ‘I know my way around here’
  • 31-40 ‘Feel free to ask me’
  • 41-50 ‘I got this!’
  • 51-60 ‘Becoming an expert’
  • 61-70 ‘You can trust this guy’
  • 71-80 ‘Knows the BOM by heart’
  • 81-100 ‘Ultimaker family’