Project saving

Cura contains a lot of information about the printer, models, print profiles, materials and all configurations. All this information can be saved separately to share or use later. Sometimes it might be useful to save all the information visible in Cura at once, to open a project later on and easily make some adjustments. That is what Project Saving is for.

Open and Save projects

There are two new menu items in the Cura menu: 'Open project...' (1) and 'Save project...' (2). These two options are quite straightforward, and will open and save the current state Cura is in.


  1. Open project
  2. Save project

Save project: Summary

When saving a project Cura shows a summary of all settings that are going to be saved. The models on the build plate are saved as well, complete with their transformations. That means that this project will load exactly as it was saved at the time.

  • Models on build plate
  • Printer settings
  • Profile settings
  • Settings visibility

Open project

When opening a project file which contains equally named settings, Cura cannot know which information is most recent. Therefore, when loading a project you might get the option whether to update the existing (1) setting or create a new (2) one to keep your local settings saved as well.


  1. Update existing: Will update your local settings and therefore not create new setting entries.
  2. Create new: Will create the setting(s) as new to prevent your local settings from being adjusted.