Lift switch calibration

The switch bay is what enables lifting and lowering of the second print core. For successful dual-extrusion prints, it is important that the switching functions well. The lift switch is already calibrated when the Ultimaker 3 is shipped, but calibration can also be performed manually.

To perform switch bay calibration:

  1. Go to System > Maintenance > Calibration > Calibrate lift switch.
  2. Move the lift switch on the side of the print head to point towards you.
  3. Move the print head so that the lift switch fits in the switching bay.
  4. Wait for the print head to go to the home position and test the lift switch.
  5. Did the lift switch lower and raise the print core? If so, press “yes” to complete the calibration. If not, select “no” to perform the calibration again.

Lift switch calibration
Lift switch calibration