Can the settings of a dual color model be changed after?

Yes, although the models are on the platform, whether merged or not, the settings are always available in the sidebar.

Why is the support pattern set to triangles for PVA?

The print profiles have been optimized for reliable and high-quality printing. Triangles are used as the default support pattern to provide strength, sturdiness, and reliability.

Why is support horizontal expansion set to 3 mm for PVA?

The horizontal expansion in Cura is set to 3 mm to provide sturdy support structures.This ensures a successful print for both novice and advanced users. For many models the value can be lowered to reduce material use and printing time.

Why are the temperatures of the print cores and build plate not equal on the print monitor when the printer is at room temperature?

The print core temperatures and heated bed temperature are calibrated to measure at their maximum temperatures.That means the print cores measure accurately around 250 °C and the heated bed around 100 °C.

What is the resolution of the camera feed as viewed in Cura?

The video feed visible in Cura is 800*600 @30fps.The camera sensor has a maximum resolution of 2.0 MP, 1600*1200px.

Can the camera be disabled via Cura?

No, disabling the camera is not possible via the software.You can disconnect the camera manually only.

Network printing

What are the minimum system requirements for printing via WiFi?

The computer should be connected to a local network and meet the Cura requirements:

  • Windows Vista+, Mac 10.7+, Ubuntu 14.04+, all OS’s 64-bit only
  • Open GL 2.0+ compatible graphics card
  • Intel core 2 or AMD Athlon 64+
  • The local network router should have a LAN port available or meet the Ultimaker 3 WiFi spec: 2.4Ghz only
  • 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n
  • Authentication types: Unprotected, WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK

How many printers can connect wirelessly to a computer?

Each instance of a printer in Cura can have an active connection to a network printer.To do so, go to Add Printer. It is only possible to connect to one printer at a time via Cura.

Can the printer connect from another network?

No. A printer is available only the same local network. Local networks can be extended through routers or VPN connections.

Can WiFi and Ethernet be used at the same time?

No. Only one of these connections can be used at a time.

How secure is the WiFi connection?

The WiFi connection is as secure as the network.

Can the WiFi be disconnected?

Yes.You can also connect through a LAN connection or print from USB.

What happens if the WiFi is interrupted? Does the print stop?

If the WiFi connection drops during the transfer of the g-code, the printer will not start. If the WiFi is interrupted during the print, printing will continue as the g-code is stored on the temporary memory on the Ultimainboard.

Is the g-code stored when printing via WiFi/Ethernet?

No.The g-code is not stored on the computer or the printer.The g-code is temporarily stored in a memory chip.

What is the maximum size of a g-code that can be sent over WiFi?

The maximum size of g-code you can send over WiFi is smaller than Cura can produce. The Ultimaker 3 can store around 50 print jobs at once. The g-code is compressed before it is sent over WiFi, making it a maximum of 1gb when it arrives at the Ultimaker 3.