General material information

What materials can be used with the Ultimaker 3?

The Ultimaker 3 supports the use of Ultimaker PLA, Nylon, ABS, CPE, CPE+, PVA, PC, TPU 95A, PP, and Breakaway. Other materials are not officially supported, but can be used on the Ultimaker 3 due to the open filament system.

What material combinations are officially supported?

For compatible material combinations on the Ultimaker 3, take a look at this page.

What diameter filament should be used?

2.85 mm filament should be used for the Ultimaker 3.

What settings are recommended for printing Ultimaker materials?

Default profiles are integrated in the Cura software for all Ultimaker materials. Because the profiles are suitable for most prints, we recommend using these settings. Depending on the application, the settings can be changed or optimised.

Can build materials be extruded through a BB print core?

Yes, but it is not recommended.The BB core is specifically designed for printing PVA and will cause oozing when used with other materials.

Can PVA be extruded through an AA print core?

We strongly advise not to use PVA with the AA print core. AA print cores are specifically designed for build materials (plus Breakaway support material) and not for PVA. The internal geometry of the AA print core combined with the characteristics of PVA will cause clogging.

PVA use

Can PVA be used with materials other than PLA, Nylon and CPE?

Other combinations with PVA are not officially supported. The combinations of PLA-PVA, Nylon-PVA and CPE-PVA have material profiles that are designed and tested for reliable printing. Using PVA with other Ultimaker materials is experimental and does not work reliably.

How long does PVA last when stored properly?

Ultimaker PVA quality does not degrade when stored properly. When not in use, it should be stored in a sealed container with fresh desiccant at the environmental conditions provided on the SDS or on this page.

What are the signs of PVA stored incorrectly?

PVA exposed to too much moisture feels soft and very malleable, pliable, or sticky. Dry PVA is very rigid.

How quickly does PVA degrade when stored incorrectly?

PVA that is not stored properly will absorb water. Water absorption increases with increasing temperature and increasing humidity. For example, if PVA is stored at very high humidity (+70%), it can be ruined within hours, especially at temperatures above 25°C.

For the best quality, store PVA at the conditions recommended here.

Non-supported material (combinations)

Can I print ABS with PVA support?

It is possible but not recommended. ABS doesn't adhere well to PVA. Printing with ABS and PVA is not as reliable as using one of the supported material combinations. Printing with ABS and PVA is experimental, not supported, and you must develop the settings.

Can ABS be printed with HIPS support?

Although not officially supported, ABS with HIPS prints well. However, HIPS must be dissolved in D-limonene, a which is skin and respiratory irritant. In addition, the D-limonene affects the ABS by decreasing its mechanical strength.This is not a recommended combination.

Is a Nylon-Nylon print possible?

This combination is not officially supported, but can be tried experimentally with a high chance of success.

Can third-party filament be used with the Ultimaker 3?

The Ultimaker 3 is optimized for printing with Ultimaker materials. However, it has an open filament system that allows for printing with other materials experimentally.

How are third-party filaments used?

Use third-party materials by loading the material in the printer and selecting one of the generic profiles on the printer. If the printer does not have a default profile for the third-party filament you are using, select the material with printing temperatures closest to the material you are using.These temperature settings are used for chang- ing, loading, or unloading materials and do not influence the printing temperatures.You can create your own ma- terial profile in Cura. Remember that the Ultimaker 3 and Cura software are optimized for printing with Ultimaker materials and this provides the most reliable results.