Print quality issues

Print not sticking to the build plate

When you experience problems with the adhesion of a print to the build plate, the following things can be done:

  • Ensure that the correct material settings and adhesion method were used (see the "Operation" tab to the right).
  • Re-calibrate the build plate manually and then do the active leveling (see the "Maintenance" tab to the right).
  • Check the Cura settings that were used and try printing with one of the default Cura profiles.

Do you want to know more about how the first layer of a print should look? Take a look at this page.


When gaps and holes show up in your print, it means that your Ultimaker 3 is not extruding enough material. This is called under-extrusion. Under-extrusion can have several causes, which are described on this page.

How to fix under extrusion
Ultimaker robot shows signs of under-extrusion


Warping occurs due to material shrinkage whilst 3D printing, which causes the corners of the print to lift and detach from the build plate. When plastics are printed, they firstly expand slightly but contract as they cool down. If material contracts too much, this causes the print to bend up from the build plate.

When your print is warping, make sure you have done the following:

  • Level the build plate correctly (preferably active leveling)
  • Apply a thin layer of glue to the glass plate
  • Use the correct temperature settings
  • Use one of the default Cura profiles

To troubleshoot this issue in more detail, take a look here.