Maximum build volume of Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3


When using Cura to slice a model for printing on the Ultimaker 2+ or Ultimaker 3, you might have noticed non-printable areas around the model. These areas are automatically generated by Cura for helper parts like platform adhesion and support structures to have sufficient space to be printed. The build plate clamps also have non-printable areas that cannot be removed.

In this guide, you will learn how to remove these non-printable areas to reach the maximum build volume of your 3D printer. You can adjust the settings manually or download a set of profiles or projects at the bottom of this page.

Important: Make sure you are running the latest stable version of Cura.

It is strongly recommended to only use this guide when printing with PLA. The printing profiles in Cura are intended for high-quality printing with a maximum reliability. Changing some settings listed below will reduce the print quality and significantly decrease reliability.

Option 1: Manually change settings for the maximum build volume

Below, you will find a list of settings that need to be adjusted. If you are not familiar with Custom mode in Cura, you can download appropriate printing profiles and projects at the bottom of this page.

Build Plate Adhesion

The largest non-printable area is caused by the platform adhesion setting. To completely remove it, set the Build Plate Adhesion Type to None.


Travel Avoid Distance

The avoid distance ensures that prints with two nozzles do not mix by keeping a small distance from the model. This is especially important for the Ultimaker 3.

Note: When printing with two print cores, this setting has to be adjusted for both of them.


Infill Wipe Distance

The setting is enabled by default for the Ultimaker 2+ printers. Set it to 0 to add 0.2 mm to the maximum print size.


Support settings

The support settings, especially when printing on the Ultimaker 3, have a horizontal expansion to provide extra strength. Either disable support completely or set the horizontal expansion to "0".


Option 2: Download profiles

Download the preferred file from the list below. Go to Preferences > Profiles in Cura. In the dialogue window, click Import and select the necessary file. It is now available in the profiles list. Load your own models and see how you can easily scale them up to make the most of the build volume of your 3D printer.

Option 3: Download project files

Download the preferred project file from the list below and open it in Cura to load the complete build plate including the printing profile. They are pre-loaded with a huge cylinder to show the maximum build volume you can achieve.