Third-party products

How does Ultimaker feel about third-party add-ons, upgrade or modifications?

In general, Ultimaker takes a positive stance to third-party add-ons, software, and filaments. Whereas Ultimaker invests heavily in providing a perfect workflow for our end users, we always keep in mind that the Ultimaker platform should allow third parties to add value and reach out to niches with specific needs that Ultimaker, as a generic solution, cannot satisfy.

While we at Ultimaker continuously focus on delivering best possible results with our own workflow-components like Cura Software and Ultimaker Materials, we build an open platform. If you are using third-party add-ons or filaments for printing on your Ultimaker we, of course, cannot ensure the same high-quality results.

What happens to the warranty?

Using third-party add-ons, materials, or software do not materially change the rights derived from our warranty. Given however that Ultimaker cannot oversee the consequences of such use, damage caused by third-party products will not be repaired under Ultimaker warranty nor will we work on improving disappointing print results. We recommend using Ultimaker materials for a good user experience.