Rocket Nose Cones

Contributed by
Andrew Woodbridge

Nose Cone Lesson Plan PDF
Worksheet and Rubric PDF


  1. Create a nose cone for a paper/tape rocket
  2. Hypothesize about how your nosecone will make your rocket fly
  3. Modify your design, as necessary meet manufacturing needs



  1. (6) Brainstormed designs
  2. (1) Inventor .ipt file
  3. (1) .stl 3D Mesh File
  4. (1) “A” sized drawing sheets showing the three sides and isometric views of the nosecone.
  5. (1) paper and tape rocket with your nose cone attached
  6. (1) altitude testing worksheet
  7. (3) reflections one for each section


  1. Base of the nosecone should be a cylinder ∅21.33mm x 5mm tall
  2. Maximum bounding cylinder is ∅25mm x 60 mm tall
  3. Minimum wall thickness is 1mm



Steps of nose cone creation Inventor:

  1. Create the ∅21.33mm circle and extrude it 5mm:

    step 1
  2. Create a sketch of the profile of your nose cone:

    step 2
  3. Revolve Profile to complete shape:

    step 3

Consider the following and respond accordingly, you may hand write this or type it on separate sheet:

Brainstorming & Exploring Reflection Prompts

  1. What types of jets/rockets did you look at, how did they influence your design?
  2. What is the story of one of your artistic ideas, where did it come from or what did you try and mimic?
  3. Please describe your rockets first flight/what is your prediction for how it fly?

Protyping Reflection Prompts

  1. What were 2 challenges you had in creating your nose cone?
  2. Why is it important to follow the constraints? If you don’t follow them, what can happen when your design is printed/flown?

Refine Reflection Prompts

  1. What changes did you need to make to your design before/due to manufacturing (3D printing)?
  2. Was your hypotheses about your flight correct? If not please describe how it was different.
  3. What changes would you make to your design if you were to repeat this exercise?

Rocket Flight Data Collection:

Flight 1 Flight 2 Flight 3
Calculated Altitude
Flight Profile
Conditions or Mishaps

You will be graded as Exemplary (6 pts.), Met (5 pts.), Partially Met (3 pts.) or Didn’t Meet (0 pts.)

Check ListDescription Score
At least 6 noticeably different designs have been givenEM P D
Nose Cone Design
Base Extrusion is ∅21.33mm x 5mmM D
Nose cone is within bounding cylinder ∅25mm x 60 mm tallM D
No walls are thinner than 1mmM D
Principles of Design
Nose cone reflects the chosen brainstorming designEM P D
Designs show creativity and intensionEM P D
Nose Cone is manufacturable as designed (or modified)EM P D
Rocket has been built to standardEM P D
Inventor .ipt file submittedM D
3D Mesh file in mm submitted (.stl format) M D

Drawing sheet createdM D
Flight Data TableM D
Brainstorming ReflectionEM P D
Prototyping ReflectionEM P D
Refine ReflectionEM P D
Score=_________/75 Points