Printer Monitor

The printer monitor is a powerful tool in Cura to view the status of the connected 3D printer. It shows a lot of information that helps to monitor the 3D printing process precisely.

As soon as you start a print over the network, Cura switches to the printer monitor automatically.

  • The selected Ultimaker in Cura (1) is visible so that you always know which of the printers you are watching.
  • Next to it are two tabs, the Print Setup (2) and Print Monitor (3), which allows you to switch back to the regular interface to setup a new print.
  • The IP-address (4) of the printer is visible as well as the printer name and connection status (5).
  • The next block (6) contains information on the loaded Print cores and corresponding filaments and current temperatures.
  • Below that are the heated bed settings. The current and target temperature (7) are visible, as well as the option to set the temperature (8 ) it beforehand.
  • The next part shows the print job status. The job name (9) and printing times (10) are displayed as an indication for the print to finish.
  • At the bottom of the screen the status bar (11) shows the progress of the current print.
  • Finally, there are two options to remotely control the printer; Pause or abort the print (12).


  1. Selected Ultimaker
  2. Print setup
  3. Print monitor
  4. IP-address
  5. Connection status
  6. Loaded print cores and configuration
  7. Heated bed temperatures; current and target
  8. Heated bed temperature controls
  9. Print job name
  10. Print job time indication
  11. Progress of current print
  12. Printer controls; pause and abort