Dual extrusion

Enable prime tower

The prime tower is an extra tower on the build plate to prime the nozzle properly before printing the next layer. It reduces oozing, under extrusion and enhances overall printing quality. The prime tower has a few settings, which are explained below.

  • Prime tower size: The size in X/Y direction of the prime tower. A larger footprint creates a more stable prime tower.
  • Prime tower minimum volume / thickness: The volume of the prime tower. The volume must be enough for the nozzle to prime properly.
  • Prime tower X/Y position: The position of the prime tower as seen from the origin point in Cura. It is located near the switching bay by default, to reduce printing time.
  • Prime tower flow: The overall flow of the prime tower. This is set to 100% by default.

This image shows the behaviour of the above settings.

Enable ooze shield

The ooze shield is a separately printed one-layer wide wall, which catches ooze from incoming nozzles before each layer is printed. It is recommended to only use this setting when printing with the Ultimaker Original Dual extrusion experimental kit. It has two separate settings to control:

  • Ooze shield angle: The maximum angle of the ooze shield. This is to prevent the shield from collapsing.
  • Ooze shield distance: The distance between the ooze shield and the model, to prevent the shield from merging with the model.