Reverse Engineering with Lego

Contributed by
Brian Yarborough

Duration: 2-3 weeks
Level: Intermediate
Software: Student choice

This project starts by introducing the value of reverse engineering, designing a product from or for existing goods.

  1. Reverse engineer a 2x2 Lego brick with students.
  2. Measure all vital features. Explain that the core value to how Legos work is that they all meet specific standard measurements.
  3. Follow reverse engineering Legos with Eco-Housing as a solution for sustainable living styles to help benefit the environment.

    Students research features that are desirable for Eco-Housing and incorporate that into a Lego house design made up of 3 pieces; 1 for the floor, roof, and wall. This forces students to create new unique Lego bricks that don't exist but still connect together to make a product.


2x2 Lego Brick Ortho Expectation-Grading Guide

Scaffolded 2x2 Ortho Setup

Ortho View of Lego House


Unique brick

Student House

Student house