Historical Chess Set

Contributed by
Michele L. Rodich

Duration: 5-6 weeks
Level: Intermediate/High School
Resources: Tinkercad




  • Students will learn about the history and concepts of the game of chess.
  • Students will learn the vocabulary and rules of chess.
  • Students will evaluate and select a culture or society in which to design their pieces.  (For example, if choosing the Roman Empire, the Emperor would be the king on a normal chess board.)
  • Students will learn and understand how societies or cultures are based on hierarchy.

Background Research:

  • YouTube Video: ChessKids Lessons.
    The Magic of Chess (This video explains the game pieces and how they move on the chess board).

  • YouTube Video: The History of Chess  (This video explains the history of the game of chess)

  • YouTube Video: Paper Weave Placemat

  • YouTube Video: What's On YOUR Board Game Box Cover!?