Replace the tube coupling collet

The tube coupling collet holds the Bowden tube in place in the print head and the feeder. The tube coupling collet has small metal tabs on the inside, which securely grips the Bowden tube and prevents it from coming loose while printing.

Over time, these tabs can wear out or bend outwards. When this happens, the collet’s grip on the Bowden tube becomes too slack, which could negatively impact print quality. In that case, it will need to be replaced. The following steps describe how to correctly replace the tube coupling collet.

Parts required:

  • 1 or 2x 1069 Tube coupling collet

Tools required:

  • None


  • 5 minutes


1. Remove the filament

  • On the Ultimaker 2+, go to "Material > Change".
  • Remove the filament from the feeder and turn off the printer.

2. Remove the clamp clip

  • Place the print head in the front-right corner.
  • Use your fingernail to remove the old clamp clip from the tube coupling collet.

Change material
Remove clamp clip

3. Remove the Bowden tube

  • Press down on the white tube coupling collet.
  • At the same time, pull the Bowden tube upwards, out of the print head or feeder.

4. Remove the old tube coupling collet

  • Place your nails under the edge of the tube coupling collet.
  • Pull the tube coupling out of the print head or feeder.

Remove Bowden tube
Remove tube coupling collet


1. Insert the new tube coupling collet

  • Push the four legs of the new tube coupling collet slightly inwards.
  • Insert the tube coupling collet in the hole in the print head or feeder.

2. Insert the Bowden tube

  • Press down on the tube coupling collet in the print head.
  • Push the Bowden tube all the way in.

Insert tube coupling collet
Insert Bowden tube

3. Ensure the Bowden tube is correctly inserted

  • Let go of the tube coupling collet and gently pull the Bowden tube, along with the tube coupling collet, approximately 2 mm upwards.
  • Hold the tube coupling collet up with your fingernail.
  • While holding the tube coupling collet up, push the Bowden tube down again.

4. Secure with the clamp clip

  • Place the clamp clip around the tube coupling collet to lock the Bowden tube in place.

Fully insert Bowden tube
Place clamp clip

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