Replace the glass plate

The glass plate is the printing platform of the Ultimaker 2+. This sheet of safety glass provides a smooth and flat surface for printing, while evenly distributing the heat from the heated bed.

For most materials, we recommend applying a thin layer of glue to the glass to ensure good adhesion. For other materials, such as ABS and CPE, glue must be applied. This is because as well as improving adhesion, it serves as a protective layer for the glass plate. Not using glue with these materials can lead to the glass chipping when removing a print.

If the glass plate is chipped, it is recommended to replace it in order to ensure adhesion, as well as for safety.

Parts required:

  • 1x 1154 Glass plate

Tools required:

  • None


  • 2 minutes


1. Open the build plate clamps

  • Open the build plate clamps at the front of the glass plate.

2. Remove the glass plate

  • Pull the glass plate forward so that it slides out of the back build plate clamps.
  • Remove the glass plate from the printer and carefully dispose of it.

Open build plate clamps
Remove glass plate


1. Place the glass plate on the heated bed

  • Hold the glass plate with the warning sticker facing upwards.
  • Slide the glass plate onto the build plate and ensure that it slides into the build plate clamps at the back.

2. Close the build plate clamps

  • To secure the glass plate, close the two build plate clamps at the front.

Place new glass plate
Close build plate clamps

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