How to use cleaning filament

Using the Ultimaker cleaning filament is the most effective way to clean and unclog the print core BB on the Ultimaker 3.

When to use cleaning filament?

The cleaning filament is used for both regular maintenance and unclogging of the print core. Regular maintenance should be done once every three months and the print core should be unclogged when material is not flowing from the nozzle for at least 10 minutes.

How to use cleaning filament?

Cleaning filament can be used to clean the print core on an Ultimaker 3 by applying hot and cold pulls. Hot pulls are used to get the biggest parts of dirt or carbonized material out of the print core and are especially necessary when a print core is clogged. With a cold pull, the remaining small particles will be pulled out, ensuring the print core is completely clean.

For detailed instructions on how to clean a print core with cleaning filament, please see this page.