Using Ultimaker Cura for the first time

Starting Ultimaker Cura for the first time

After installation you can open Ultimaker Cura for the first time. Simply open Ultimaker Cura from your applications or programs folder.

Select printer

When you open Ultimaker Cura for the first time, you will be asked to select the 3D printer that you have. If (official) upgrades are available for your Ultimaker you can select these as well. For the Ultimaker Original+ and Ultimaker Original you will be guided through a configuration wizard to set up and calibrate your Ultimaker correctly.

Optionally, you can give the printer a custom name.


Open 3D files

Click on the ‘Open File’ button in the top left corner of the screen. Select the model you want to prepare for printing and open it. The model will now be loaded and shown on the 3D viewer.


Printer, print core and material configuration

You can find your selected printer in the top right corner of the screen. Directly below it, you will find the available configuration options. The Ultimaker 3 has multiple available print cores and materials. These settings can be set automatically when the Ultimaker 3 is connected over the local network.


Print setup

By default, Cura opens in the recommended mode. This mode is ideal if you want to do a quick print with optimized printing profiles. There are a few parameters you can set:

  1. Layer height: Choose the layer height quality. The options available depend on your print core and material configuration
  2. Print speed: The print speed is affected by the layer height chosen
  3. Infill: Choose an infill percentage by dragging the slider
  4. Enable gradual infill: Reduces the amount of infill in your print by gradually increasing density
  5. Generate support: This will generate a support structure below overhanging parts of a model to prevent the model from sagging or printing mid-air
  6. Build plate adhesion: Adds a brim or raft around the base of the model to ensure the print doesn’t detach from the build plate



To preview the slicing result, click on the 'Solid view' button in the top right corner of the 3D viewer and change it to 'Layer view'. This view is ideal for seeing what the inside of your print will look like and how it will be printed. Use the slider to check important parts of your 3D slice. Change the printing strategy until you are satisfied.


Save the file

When Cura finishes slicing your model, it’s ready for printing.

You can then save the file to your computer, save to removable disk or print directly over the network using Cura Connect.


In the bottom right corner of the screen, you will also find print information. Cura provides a time and material estimation of the print.

Tip: Visit the Ultimaker YouTube channel to find video tutorials on Cura 3.0!