Hotkeys and mouse controls

Mouse control

Ultimaker Cura has a built-in 3D viewer which is controllable by a keyboard, a fully functioning mouse, a no-scroll mouse or a touchpad. The controls are the same on every operating system.




  • Undo: CMD / CTRL + Z
  • Redo: CMD / CTRL + SHIFT + Z
  • Move tool: Q
  • Scale tool: A
  • Rotate tool: Z

3D Viewer controls

  • Rotate the camera in the 3D viewer: Arrow keys
  • Zoom the camera in the 3D viewer: + and -

Model selection

  • Select multiple objects in the 3D viewer: Hold SHIFT + click
  • Select an object in a group: Hold CMD / CTRL + click
  • Clear all objects from the build plate: CMD / CTRL + D
  • Delete selected object: DELETE
  • Open file(s): CMD / CTRL + O

Adjustment tools

  • Toggle snap rotating/scaling: Hold SHIFT
  • Toggle uniform scaling:Hold CMD / CTRL