Update firmware

Updating firmware is a different procedure for all Ultimaker machines. Follow the instructions for your machine below.

Ultimaker 3, over the internet

The Ultimaker 3 has a built-in firmware update available in the menus. The firmware is automatically downloaded when the printer is connected to the Internet. On the Ultimaker 3, go to:

  • System -> Maintenance -> Firmware update

Ultimaker 3, over USB

If you are unable to connect the Ultimaker 3 to the network, it is also possible to install the latest firmware version over the USB connection.

  1. Download the firmware available here
  2. Extract the download files and place the complete firmware folder on the USB stick
  3. Insert the USB stick in the Ultimaker 3
  4. On the 3D printer, go to: System -> Maintenance -> Firmware update

Ultimaker Original(+), Ultimaker 2 Go, Ultimaker 2(+), and Ultimaker 2 Extended(+)


  1. In Cura, open the printer management screen through: System -> Printer -> Manage Printers..., or in the sidebar: Printer -> Manage printers...
  2. Connect the Ultimaker to the computer with the USB cable
  3. Turn the Ultimaker on
  4. In Cura, open the printer management screen, click 'Update firmware'
  5. Choose 'Automatically update firmware' to install the default version, choose 'Upload custom firmware' to choose an alternative version
  6. A pop-up with a progress bar will appear saying ‘Starting firmware update, this may take some time’. Note that the Ultimaker will restart during the procedure
  7. When the upload is complete, you will see the message ‘Firmware update completed’
  8. Click ‘Close’ in the print management window to complete the firmware update