Manage materials

Ultimaker Cura comes preloaded with Ultimaker materials to make it easy for you to start printing. When printing with other materials, it is possible to add them yourself. This way the material settings are conveniently stored, so you can print with your favorite materials every time. To go to the material settings go to 'File' > 'Preferences'.

  1. Click the materials tab (1) to open the material management window
  2. To use the selected material, click activate (2)
  3. To create an editable material from the current settings, click duplicate (3)
  4. To remove a custom material, select it and click remove (4)
  5. Import (5) custom materials from others
  6. Export (6) your custom material to share
  7. The information tab (7) shows generic material information. This information is not accessible in this case since the profile is protected
  8. The Print settings tab (8 ) contains material settings that will be used during printing


Add a custom material

To add a custom material, duplicate a material which physical properties come closest to the new material. This way the printer knows at which temperatures to do filament changes and printer calibrations.

The material settings you have to provide is often easily accessible from the packaging of the filament or the website of the manufacturer.

  1. Choose a fancy display name (1) to easily recognize the material
  2. Enter the brand name (2) here. This also categorizes all filaments from the same brand in the list on the left.
  3. Specify the material type (3) here
  4. Choose a color (4) by clicking on the color box. A color picker pops up to choose a color, which will be represented on the build plate
  5. Enter all the material properties (5). This is important for the weight and price estimate provided by Ultimaker Cura
  6. The filament length and cost per meter (6) are calculated by Ultimaker Cura
  7. Enter a description (7) for the filament
  8. Enter adhesion information (8 ) details to remember what works best
  9. Switch to the print settings tab (9) to view material specific settings
  10. Enter the material settings (10) here. These settings will be used by Ultimaker Cura to ensure the material is printed with at the right temperatures