Growing Local Community Project

Written by
Lizabeth Arum

Space may be limited and we don’t all have backyards, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fresh food or plants. Combining 3D printing with farming is at the heart of the Ultimaker Community Project called Growing Local.

The Challenge

The Ultimaker Community Team invites students, educators, and the community to design and incorporate 3D printing into vertical gardens, windowfarms or urban farming solutions from now until December 31, 2018. Adopt a high tech or a low tech approach, use soil or just water, but remember to share your designs on Youmagine, tag your solutions with #localGardenChallenge, and tell us about your harvests. We’ll celebrate and share the most successful solutions in early 2019.

Some Resources

Some Inspiration


Hydroponic Window Farm

by RockstarAlchemist



by coloursontheinside



by lars kaltenbach




by langfordw


Instructor Guide: Aquaponic

by Ultimaker Academy, Autodesk Sweden and Marki

To see the introduction to this project, go to the Growing Local blog post .