Bow-tie Design

Contributed by
Margaret Whitaker

Duration: 5-7 class periods
Level: Beginner/Secondary Education
Resources: CAD design software such as: TinkerCad, Solidworks, On-Shape, etc. 3D printer and appropriate filament, measuring tools as needed.


Your task for this assignment is to design a 3D printable bow-tie.

Your bow-tie should have a school-based theme. Think about your school's logo, your mascot, or your school colors. Keep in mind that your bow-tie should be comfortable for the wearer, easy to attach to the shirt or collar and scaled appropriately.

If your design needs to be printed in separate parts be certain that it can be assembled either permanently or in a user friendly fashion.

Once you have your design, submit it for review and “judging”. We will have several bow-tie users as judges who will be looking at wear-ability, appropriateness of design, and attractiveness. This round of judging will provide suggestions for re-design prior to printing.