Adjustment tools

Ultimaker Cura offers several tools to adjust the model before printing. This allows you to easily position, scale, and rotate models on the build plate in the most efficient way.

Move tool

You can position your model in any way you like using the move tool, which allows the model to be moved along its X, Y, and Z axes.

Note: There are two model behavior options in the general preferences in the ‘viewport behavior’ section.

  • Ensure models are kept apart, prevents models from overlapping
  • Automatically drop models to the build plate, prevents the model from floating mid-air

Move tool

  1. Move tool. All selected models will be moved
  2. Number input field. can be used to set exact coordinates of the 3D model
  3. The 3D model. Once selected this can also be moved freely
  4. Arrow handles. Drag these to move the model on any specific axis

Scale tool

The scale tool allows the model to be scaled in three different ways – in millimeters, as a percentage, and with the handles in the 3D viewer.

Adjustment tools - scale

  1. Scale tool. All selected models will be scaled
  2. Number input field. Can be used to set the exact model size in millimeters
  3. Percentage input field. Can be used to set a percentage of the original model scale
  4. Scale handles. Drag these to scale the mode
  5. Snap scaling. This option will scale the the model by 10% at a time, when dragging the scale handles
  6. Reset. This will reset all scaling modifications to the selected models
  7. Uniform scaling. This will ensure the model’s proportions are consistent while scaling

Rotate tool

The rotate tool allows the model to be rotated on all of its axes. This is particularly useful to reduce the amount of support needed or to increase the model's footprint for better build plate adhesion.

Adjustment tools - rotate

  1. Rotate tool. Rotate about the origin of selected models. This is different from individual rotating behavior
  2. Reset. Reset all rotations of the selected models
  3. Lay flat. This will lay the model flat on the closest flat surface of the model
  4. Rotate hoops. Drag these hoops to rotate the model on the selected axis
  5. Degree indicator. Indicates the current rotation
  6. Snap rotation. Snaps the rotation intervals to 15°. You can hold shift to toggle snap rotation instead

Mirror tool

The mirror tool mirrors the on all 3 axes, X, Y, and Z.

Adjustment tools - mirror

  1. Mirror tool. Mirror about the shared origin of the models. This is different from individual mirroring behavior
  2. Mirror handle. Mirrors the model on the selected axis

Per model settings

The per model settings feature is only available when the print settings panel is set to custom mode. The feature provides the ability to have multiple models in Ultimaker Cura with a different printing strategy on the same build plate. This allows easy printing of batches of models for different purposes.

Adjustment tools - per model settings

  1. Per model settings. All selected models will be affected by the modified settings
  2. Model. Multiple models can be selected and altered at once
  3. Settings filter. Can be used to quickly find the desired setting
  4. Active setting. Select settings here to make them visible in the per model settings menu
  5. Close. The window can be closed after the desired settings are visible
  6. Setting values. Change these to the desired values
  7. Select settings. Brings up the list of available settings to change

Select extruder

On multi-extrusion machines, you have the ability to assign the extruder model on the build plate.

Adjustment tools -Select extruder

  1. Extruder 1. Models loaded into Ultimaker Cura are printed with extruder 1 by default
  2. Extruder 2. Select a model to change active extruder
  3. Model. Multiple models can be selected to change the active extruder