Saving projects

Ultimaker Cura contains a lot of information about the printer and its configuration, the loaded models, model adjustments, and print profiles. Saving projects also allows all this information to be stored in one convenient file, so you can re-evaluate and backup all your printing projects.

Open and save projects

Opening and saving projects can be done from the file menu in Ultimaker Cura.

New project.

Ultimaker Cura always starts with an empty build plate in a new project environment. After loading models, this option will clear them all and start a new project.
Open project

  1. Open file(s). Opens all file types supported by Ultimaker Cura, including project files, 3D model files, gcode, and 2D images.
  2. Save. Saves the current project file.
  3. Export. Export all models on the build plate as 3D model or gcode. This excludes the printer settings, configuration or printing profiles to be saved.

Save project

We recommend saving your projects directly after sending it to your Ultimaker 3D printer. This way, you ensure your saved project contains the exact same information as your print job sent to the printer, which includes the printer configuration, model adjustments, and print profile. Go to File > Save… to save the project file.

Save Summary
On saving the project, Ultimaker Cura displays the project summary

Open project

When opening a project file, Ultimaker Cura presents the option to load the complete project file or just the model files within. When loading the model files only, the print settings and adjustments will be ignored. Click Open as project to load the project file.

Open Dialog

When opening a project file which contains equally named settings, Ultimaker Cura cannot distinguish which information is most recent. Therefore, when loading a project you might get the option whether to ‘update the existing setting’ or ‘create a new’ one to keep your local settings saved as well.

  1. Update existing. This will select the appointed printer and change it’s print core and material configuration to the settings displayed in the project summary.
  2. Create new. This will add a new printer to Ultimaker Cura, with the configuration as displayed in the project summary.

Open dialog 2