Manage profiles

Ultimaker Cura provides the ability to save, share and manage your print profiles to keep an efficient workflow. This page explains how to work with profiles to get the most out of your 3D printing experience.

Quick menu

The easiest way to quickly create, update and save a profile is through the quick menu. It is also the easiest way to access the profile manager.

  1. Star icon. Indicates the selected profile contains unsaved profile changes.
  2. Quick menu. Click here to access the quick menu.
  3. Default profiles. These profiles are distributed by Ultimaker.
  4. Custom profiles. These profiles are your user saved profiles.
  5. Create, update or discard current changes quickly, with the three options displayed here.
  6. Manage profiles. Opens the profiles manager.


Print profile manager

The print profile manager contains all default and user saved profiles and allows to manage these in a convenient way.


    Switch printing profiles

    When editing profiles, users might want to switch to a different profile, while the current profile has changes that are unsaved. Ultimaker Cura has a built-in feature which prompts the user on ‘what to do with unsaved changes'.

    In the following example, a ‘Normal profile’ is loaded with some user changes made:


    User changes from the pre-configured profile are marked by the ‘reset button and italic font’ (7) in the printing profile. With these unsaved changes (6), the ‘Fine profile’ is selected. A pop-up appears asking what to do with my unsaved changes. There are three options:

    1. Keep (4). Keep the unsaved changes, they will be injected into the ‘fine’ profile, resulting in a ‘fine profile’ with the same modifications as performed in the previous profile.
    2. Discard (5). Discard the unsaved changes, the ‘Fine’ profile will load as the protected, unchanged profile.
    3. Create new profile (3). The displayed settings will be saved as a new profile, and the ‘fine profile’ will load as the protected, unchanged profile.

    By default, this pop-up will always show so that the user can make a decision. To prevent this popup if discarding or keeping the changes a lot, the behavior can be changed to:

    • Discard and never ask again
    • Keep and never ask again

    If changed to never ask again, the option can be re-introduced through the Preferences menu.