Welcome to Ultimaker Cura

After installation, you can open Ultimaker Cura. Start Ultimaker Cura from your applications or programs folder.

Welcome setup

When you open Ultimaker Cura for the first time, you will enter the welcome setup.


User agreement, release notes, and data sharing

The first few screens allow to review and accept the user agreement, read the latest release notes and decide whether to allow Ultimaker Cura to collect anonymous user data. Click ‘more information’ to learn what user data will be shared and provide the option to turn data sharing off.

Onboarding 2-4

Add printer

Networked and non-networked 3D printers can be added to Ultimaker Cura. If your Ultimaker is connected to the same local network, you can connect to it directly to automatically configure your setup.


  1. List of networked printers, shows all printers Ultimaker Cura has found on your local network. Default names are shown for Ultimaker printers connected over LAN
  2. Refresh, click this button to refresh the list of visible printers
  3. Add printer by IP, this feature can be used if Ultimaker Cura has trouble finding your Ultimaker printer. The IP address can be found on the printer, in the network menu
  4. Add a non-networked Ultimaker printer, a custom printer or choose any of the available third party printers available
  5. The type of Ultimaker printer is displayed, to indicate what kind of printer you connect with
  6. Troubleshooting, links to our resources pages on the Ultimaker website
  7. After selecting your printer, simply click next.

Ultimaker Cloud

The last step is to sign up and log in with your Ultimaker account. An Ultimaker account provides cloud-based tools to make your 3D workflow easier.

  • Send and monitor print jobs outside of your local network
  • Back up your Ultimaker Cura settings and print profiles
  • Get exclusive access to plugins and print profiles from leading material brands in the Ultimaker Marketplace


After signing in, simply click finish to start using Ultimaker Cura.