Using the Ultimaker Marketplace

The Ultimaker Marketplace lets you add extra functionality to Ultimaker Cura. This includes plugins for direct exports from CAD software, and optimized print profiles for third-party materials that are designed to work with Ultimaker 3D printers.

Access the Ultimaker Marketplace from the top menu bar in Ultimaker Cura.

The Ultimaker Marketplace is divided into two sections: plugins and materials.


Plugins add extra functionality to the software. The plugin browser is divided into two sections:

  • Featured. Featured plugins work with leading software applications, for instance, the Solidworks or Siemens NX integration plugin.
  • Community Plugins. These are plugins that are developed by members of the community.

Plugins in the Marketplace
Siemens NX Integration


Third-party print profiles are configured and tested by material manufacturers, making it easier to use third-party materials on Ultimaker printers.

The material browser is divided into three sections:

  • Featured. Find print profiles from Ultimaker's material alliances.
  • Community contributions. Find print profiles developed by members of the community.
  • Generic materials. These are the generic material profiles developed by Ultimaker and are installed by default. These can be used as a basis when developing a new profile.

Click a material to find additional information, such as a short description, a link to data sheets, and the website of the manufacturer.

Third-party print profiles in the Ultimaker Marketplace

Installing plugins and print profiles

To install a plugin or print profile from the Ultimaker Marketplace:

  • Click the Marketplace button at the top-right of the Ultimaker Cura interface
  • Select the plugin or print profile and click Install
  • Restart Ultimaker Cura and the plugin or print profile will be available

Contributing to the Ultimaker Marketplace

Are you a developer? You can contribute plugins and print profiles to the Ultimaker Marketplace using the Ultimaker Contributor Portal.