Headphone Holder Project

Contributed by
Jonathan Rothman

Duration: 2-3 classes
Level: Intermediate
Resources:Fusion 360

Project Challenge: Design a headphone holder that fits the workstation tables and elegantly addresses other issues that you might foresee.

Mastery skills:

  • MS 1B: I can use appropriate tools (ruler, calipers, fillet gauge, dimensional drawings) to accurately capture all features (dimensions, curves, and angles) of a model or design.
  • MS 1 Given a CAD tool, I can operate and identify appropriate uses of that tool.
  • MS 4A: Given a design problem, I can break that problem into a sequence of smaller sub-problems.
  • MS 5: Given a problem, I can use a design process to implement a solution to the problem.
  • MS 6: I can apply the design thinking framework to develop and iterate on a design problem.
  • MS 8B: I can use drafting tools and techniques to re-create a 3D object through manual or computer-assisted drafting.

Work is submitted/grade is based on:

  • Design Journal - beginning to end of project, multi-page document that tells the story of their design process (paper)
  • Multi-view drawings (2) - manufacturer-facing, consumer-facing (paper - created in Fusion 360)
  • 3D model - created in Fusion 360 (include aesthetic appeal)
  • Physical solution - 3D printed or laser cut
  • Presentation
  • Engagement throughout the design process - document your contribution to the group on a daily basis.

Project constraints:

  • You should always seeks to minimize the size/material used to manufacture the model.
  • The design should be printable and should not need supports - this means you should have a design that can be oriented to eliminate overhangs greater than 45º.

  • It should securely attach to our workstation tables.

  • No additional hardware needed to affix it to the table.

  • The holder should be able to hold our Panasonic RP-HT21 headphones (but it’s totally fine if it can accommodate other headphones as well.)

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