Unexpected filament position in Material Station - ER50

The Material Station detected filament partly in the system while it expected the system to be either completely empty or filled, during the initializing stage.

This could be due to:

  • Unexpected (broken) filament is present within the extrusion train
  • The prefeeder of the Material Station is faulty

To resolve this error, please do the following:

  1. Note the bay number and extruder number indicated by the display
  2. Power down the Ultimaker S5
  3. Detach the power cable from the Material Station
  4. Detach the Bowden tubes from the extruder where the problem is occurring
  5. Using the noted filament bay and extruder entry; Gently push a new roll of filament through the system until you see the faulty filament coming out of the Bowden tube at the back
  6. Continue pushing until the new filament sticks out a few centimeters out of the Bowden tube at the back

(!) Always push loose filament forward through the system, never the other way around.

  1. Cut the currently loaded filament roll at the entry point of the material station
  2. Grab the end of the filament sticking out of the Bowden tube at the back and gently pull the remaining filament completely out of the system
  3. Reattach the Bowden tubes to the feeder
  4. Power up the Material Station, then the Ultimaker S5 and continue operation

If the problem persists, and there is no loose filament within the system, the prefeeder may be faulty. Please contact your local service provider for assistance.