Printing with the Air Manager

The Air Manager is supported by Ultimaker S5 firmware 5.4.23 and later.

Three parameters influence how the Air Manager works:

  • Build volume temperature
  • Build plate temperature
  • Ambient temperature

When printing with Ultimaker materials the build volume temperature is preset by the material profile.

Build volume temperature

The Air Manager maintains the internal temperature of the printer at the desired Build Volume Temperature. The Build Volume Temperature is a setting within Ultimaker Cura.

Build Volume Temperature
Quickly find the build volume temperature setting with the search function. For best results, use the latest version of Ultimaker Cura

The Air Manager adjusts the fan speed to maintain the specified chamber temperature. The fan speed is calculated dependent on the build plate temperature as well as from the ambient temperature, measured by the Air Manager’s own temperature sensor.

When slicing using an older version of Ultimaker Cura, or any other slicer which does not have a value for the build volume temperature, the Air Manager will default to 100% fan speed.

The build volume temperature has a maximum value of 50 °C to prevent damage to the printer.

Ensure there is at least 10 cm of free space at the back of the Air Manager for unrestricted airflow.

Air Manager operation

Any time a print core or the heated bed exceeds a temperature of 50°C, the fan of the Air Manager will turn on. At these temperatures, residual material on the build plate or in the print cores can emit UFPs, which should be filtered. Therefore, it is normal for the fan to spin during other operations that require heating, and not only during printing.  

After finishing a print, the Air Manager will continue working until everything has cooled down to below 50 °C. This ensures that the filter captures all residual UFPs in the chamber.

The filter

The Air Manager uses an E10 filter. The lifespan of this filter is 1500 hours and the Ultimaker S5 tracks the usage time of this filter. There are three filter states:

Air Manager table

Furthermore, the Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle can detect whether a filter is present or not.  

To replace the filter, use the filter replacement wizard found in the maintenance section of the printer. Using the wizard will reset the filter lifetime counter back to zero.

Note: A known bug prevents the user from utilizing the function of the maintenance section screens

Attaching the Air Manager to external ventilation

The hardware of the Air Manager has been prepared to facilitate connecting an external ventilation system. An adapter can be secured using the four holes in the Air Manager cover.

You may use your own adapter that fits, or download our Air Manager Connector STL.        

Please note, the implemented fan control will not interact with the external exhaust system. It may be necessary to tune the airflow of the external system. An airflow of 50m3/h is recommended when the fan is running at top speed.